A Fashion Party Success!

The past Monday, Riley turned seven. It’s hard to believe how grown up she is. Last I shared with you, she and I were anxiously awaiting her seventh birthday party. She was excited. I was nervous about the RSVPs. I’m happy to report that the party went well. Really well.

Fashion party was the theme that Riley requested for the party. Actually, the original theme was Roblox, an online gaming platform that she has been frequently playing, but after a perplexed face from me and a second’s more thought, she excitedly exclaimed, “Fashion Famous birthday!”

Fashion Famous is one of her favorite games on Roblox, so the choice was not a surprise. In the game, you dress a character in an outfit of your choosing from multiple rooms full of pants, dresses, shirts, and accessories. You then walk the runway against three other players. The one with the best outfit wins. It is actually a fun game and made for the perfect birthday party theme.

Here was the vision: create a fashion birthday party where the kids got to choose their own fashion dress-up and expressed themselves on the runway. Here’s how we did it:

Dress-up Clothes

These were essential. You can’t have a fashion party without the clothes. Where is the best place to get dress-up clothes? Goodwill. On their 50% off sale. I used to be a frequent visitor to the Goodwill 50% off sales, but since kids, I’ve only attended one or two times. Even with Riley turning seven, it still scares me to attend this event with kids. Luckily my mom was nice enough to watch the girls for the morning, and Lesley and I made an adventure of the trip. The selection was fabulous! Some outfits were out there, but some were actually really cute and the price of the 10+ outfits we selected was amazing. Not to mention we found the perfect ’80s curtain hanger contraption to display the clothes at the party and the perfect red carpet!


Clothes do not complete the fashion party. No, you need much more to truly bring an outfit together. Enter the nail polish, hair chalk, bows, and makeup. We set up a beauty station full of each of these. Thanks to Lesley for donating her wide selection of hair bows for the occasion and thanks to Lesley and my mom for helping the guests apply each of these.

Take-Home Gifts

These days, every child’s party ends with a bag of goodies for the partygoers to take home. I’m not a huge fan of these, but I understand wanting to send home something with the guests to remember the time they shared at the party. So, the fashion party included take-home gifts that were integrated into the party. At the beginning of the party, each guest decorated her own “Jojo Bow” with stick-on jewels. Jojo is Riley’s first teen idol and sports a large bow as one of her trademarks. Fondly, she is referred to Jojo with the bow bow, so this activity fit in well with Riley’s interests and the fashion party.

The second item in their take-home bag were Polaroid pictures that were taken of their outfits they sported on the runway. My mom’s neighbor’s daughter was kind enough to let us borrow her camera, and the pictures turned out so cool. It was also wild to watch these digital natives adjust to a camera that only takes one picture at a time!

The party itself was loud – filled with seven-year-old squeals, excited talking, and happy screams. Lesley and my mom were amazing, entertaining, corralling, and taking turns watching groups of girls. I could not have pulled it off without them. It was exhausting and stressful to put together but so much fun in the end. Not to mention the birthday girl was pleased, and I got to meet a handful of her school friends. Success.

Interested in the decoration list? Here it is: