7th Birthday Preparation

As parents we suffer through many labors of love: parent participation classes, over-priced kid attractions like Jump-n-Joey’s or arcade games, standing in line for 40 minutes only because you had promised to do so, and so many more. This next weekend is yet another one of these labors. Riley is hosting her 7th birthday party at our house. You read that right. At our house.

Oh so much work needs to be done between then and now that it is hard to fathom relaxing this Labor Day week. Cakes need to be made, the floors need to be washed, presents bought, decorations prepared. It’s a lot for a mama’s mind! Beyond the logistics, there are two other very important things that need to happen. The friends need to RSVP, and the hostess needs to learn how to host.

The first causes me the most anxiety. Invitations went out a few days after my target date, after I realized that I had no idea how to spell Riley’s friends’ names. After receiving a class list from the teacher, the invites were sent to school for distribution. Now five days later, only one friend has RSVP’d. Is this lack of response a trend in RSVPing? Or is no one going to show up to the party, leaving Riley’s little seven-year-old soul crushed? According to Lesley, I shouldn’t be worried yet. That provides only a small measure of comfort.

Teaching Riley to be a gracious host will prove to be a good distraction from my anxiety. This summer, the girls have made good friends with a neighbor friend. At least twice a week this friend comes over to see if the girls would like to play. This has given Riley and Maddie some of their first chances to entertain a friend in their home. They have a way to go. Both girls are way more interested in whatever they are doing than making sure their friend is also having a good time. There have been quite a few times the friend has left and the girls didn’t even notice. Sigh. We’ll see how this goes.

With all of the preparation we need to do this week, I am especially appreciative to have a four-day work week. Here’s hoping the party goes smoothly and people show up!