Camping Is a Girl’s Best Friend

I don’t remember exactly how it started, but the camping bug bit me hard about two years ago. RV camping, to be specific. I have two kids. I know what inconvenience is. There is no need to pitch a tent to enjoy nature. But, I do need nature to be happy. Enter RV camping.

The girls and I had our first RV adventure last year during Riley’s fall break. A friend of mine told me about a park an hour away that offered travel trailers for rent. It was perfect, and we had so much fun. We were sold and have gone twice more since. This past weekend was one of those times. As I rushed to pack after an hour and a half of the girls’ dance classes on Thursday and then again after a full day’s work on Friday, I started to forget why I love it so much. But, as we hit the open road, I started to remember. When we pulled into our spot, my reasons for the love flooded back.

The Smells

There is nothing better than the smells around a campsite. Sure, not all the smells are the best, but nothing can beat stepping outside of your camper for a morning coffee and taking in the smell of an early summer morning. Then the rest of your fellow campers wake up, and it starts to smell like charcoal grills and bacon. After breakfast, it is back to the smell of summer, and then the day is wrapped up with the smell of campfire. All of these are what I call happiness.

No YouTube

The campsite we go to has spotty internet at best, so the weekend is 100% screen-free. While I don’t have any beef against screen time in general, it is really nice to have a few quality days without it. The girls spend their time using their imagination, playing outside, and best of all, talking to me. Instead of sitting on the couch staring at different screens in the evening, we spend our camping nights sitting around the campfire joking and then retire inside to play board games together. These are my favorite moments.

Tiny House Equals Tiny Stress

Unlike home, the camper has only one counter to wipe, the dishes are minimal, and there is only one cabinet to organize them in. My chores are about twenty minutes of the day. Also due to the limited space, most of our activities are outside, which means little lingering mess to clean up after. The stress of house maintenance is a distant memory, allowing for so much more fun. A couple days a year of not thinking about anything you need to do does a body and mind a world of good. Even if it does take some time to get ready for the week when you get back, that quality time is worth it.

Other than the obvious reason of spending time with the girls and making family memories, these are the top three reasons for my love of camping. I asked the same question to the girls and got a response of “the bunk beds” from Maddie and “I dunno” from Riley. Yep, we’re back in the real world. Till next year, RV.