A Day at the Lake

“Mishka [devil dog] is putting her butt in Remy’s [angel dog] face!” Story says in disgust.

“Eh, sisters do that sometimes,” I reply.

“You’re right! Riley put her butt in my face at the lake,” Story says, and thus begins our reminiscing of our wonderful day at the lake.

Ali’s parents built the most beautiful lakeside home and generously allowed us to visit this past Saturday. Ali and I were busy building terrariums (story and announcement about this coming soon), while the girls played in the water. Story led the charge since this was such a treat for her. Riley and Maddie weren’t very interested at first. Ah, the indifference that comes with every summer weekend spent lakeside. Soon though, all three were jumping off the dock and playing in the sand.

It was a perfect day, so rare with Indiana weather, and on a Saturday no less! Ali and I made a proper mess playing in dirt, but it was a very relaxing mess, not the sort that winds you up with anxiety. The girls ran in and out, checking on our status and trying to rush us along. They were to build their own terrariums when we were finished. And even my accompanying threats and loud shooing were half-hearted. How could they not be in such a clime? The water lapped at the shore as we munched on Cheez-Its and sipped Sangria, which we both brought (our good times are refined to a recipe!).

Of course we faced our obstacles. Story apparently had a butt in her face and lost a new toy in the sand. I was incapable of getting in and out of a kayak without flipping it and myself. Maddie had to face her bug fears with a spider and horsefly. Ali and Riley, though, kept it together. I’m sure it will be their turn at the next outing.

School summer is over for the girls, and if this is our last summer hoorah, I will consider it the best one yet.