Story’s New Love

Thanks to my mom, Story has developed a new love, bordering on obsession: horses. This past week, Story attended her first ever horse camp, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I don’t think she yet realizes how very lucky she is. With an exorbitant camp fee and daily hours of 9 to 3, completely unreasonable for any working parent, horse camp simply would not have been a possibility without the generosity of my mom. Not only did she pay for the camp, she also used her vacation time to spend the week with us to transport Story back and forth. So, I have absolutely no problem blaming Mom for what could be a lifelong expense.

My mom grew up with horses, and Lora, Brooke, and I grew up with horses, so I understand and support my mom’s desire to cultivate that interest in Story. She certainly did a good job. Story now wants to take riding lessons, volunteer at the barn, and “drive” a horse instead of a car when she turns sixteen. The biggest surprise though is that horses, which have never been on the list of favorite animals, have zoomed to the number-one spot, usurping the forever-classic dinosaurs and dragons and even bearded dragons. Story is most definitely under a spell.

Mom and Lora had their own obsessions with horses, and I’m sure that made for a bonding element. I hope that carries over to Story as well. She certainly likes to talk horses and will accost anyone near with her newfound knowledge. She has plans to coerce Lora into volunteering at the barn with her, has already talked me into allowing her to take lessons, and has even bigger things in mind for Mom, as I recently found out.
When Story suggested she save her money to buy a horse, I quickly pointed out that we have no room for a horse. She was ready for this. “Grandma has room.” I explained that we live too far from Grandma’s house for that to be an option and that Grandma wouldn’t want another animal to take care of. Story sighed at my ignorance. “Mom, you don’t understand, this is our thing.” All I can say is, “Good luck, Mom!”