A Magical Photo Shoot

Over a year ago, Ali set up an NHN photo shoot. A broken arm, several rainy days, and other such obstacles later, we finally had our photo shoot. With such a run of bad luck and our legendary inability to take even one good photo with all of us, our expectations were admittedly low. But we talked a good game and combed the girls’ hair. Finally, the day had come.

We arrived at the park and looked around. The day was absolutely beautiful. It was a bit warm but the wind was providing a lovely lift. We met the photographer and liked him immediately. The girls, per usual, weren’t at all interested in taking pictures, and refused to get in front of the camera. The clock was ticking and my hopes were dashing. The photographer didn’t mind one bit. He rolled with it and started snapping anyway.

We made our way along a path, with the photographer engaging the girls and even letting them take pictures with his camera. He won them all over in less than ten minutes. That was the first magical element of the shoot. All of the sudden, they did what he asked them to do. No fighting, no refusals, no tantrums. And the impossible: all three girls both looking and smiling at the camera at the same time. Unbelievable.

As we journeyed toward the creek, we stopped off in a grassy area to snap a few. I found a four-leaf clover and handed it to Maddie. Before she crushed it or threw it away, the photographer got in a few fabulous pictures of her holding it. Magical moment number two.The girls did their thing at the creek, somehow managing to not fall in or get completely muddy. That in itself was a miracle. But then Story caught a butterfly and the creek was forgotten. As the butterfly crawled and flew all over Story, Riley and Maddie tried to catch their own. Story’s butterfly stuck around for quite some time, allowing for several fabulous pictures. Magical moment three.But what may have been even better than his capturing the unusual, our photographer captured the usual, what we see every day and love in our children. Both the girls’ showy personalities and their quiet moments are so precious, yet the latter is not often captured for eternity. He knew we would want that even if we didn’t. Magical moment four.I can’t tell you how much Ali and I are in love with the photos we received. So, we have to give a shout out to Tall & Small Photography. They make magic real.