Bad Mood Mama

I had a wonderful weekend planned. Saturday, we were going to set up the pool and grill out. The sun would be shining, the girls would be swimming, and Ali and I would be enjoying a refreshing glass of homemade sangria while soaking up some vitamin D and relaxing.

And then I woke up.

I was in a very bad mood Saturday. Rather, I was in an explosive mood. My rheumatoid arthritis was acting up, so I slept very little Friday night. Mishka was up with the sun and ready to play, meaning she was pawing my face and barking to get me out of bed. But I couldn’t move; my body hurt too much. Oh, and I was PMSing hard. After a while, my stubbornness shut the door on my pity party and I got up, albeit slowly and with much cursing.

I took care of the dogs, got some coffee, and let Ali know I wasn’t going to make it to the Y for our fitness class. She generously offered to pick up the groceries for our meal, and I was ever so thankful. But that did mean I wouldn’t be making homemade sangria. Strike one.

I had a weekend planned and couldn’t let the RA get the best of me, so I downed some ibuprofen and put ice packs all over my body. The swelling went down considerably and the stiffness abated accordingly. It was a workable hurt, so I went out to mow.

The neighbor kids came over to play. Because the gates were open, I told each child in turn to not let the dogs out of the house. Sure enough, the dogs got out of the house. Here’s where “explosive” comes in. I yelled loud enough for the neighborhood to hear, retrieved the dogs with much growling (on my part), and sent the kids home. One may or may not have been crying. Strike two.

There was a series of bad-mood instigators after that, culminating in the pool setup. Easy setup, my ass. Ali and I fought that blasted thing ALL afternoon. Strike three. I was ready to give up.

Hundreds of dollars’ worth of wasted water and a sunburn later, a miraculous thing happened: I was suddenly contentedly happy.

Ali, even after all the struggles, mentioned how nice the day was. And she was right! It was a beautiful day, the girls were having fun playing with each other, Ali and I got to spend some actual time together, my neighbor Shawn brought over a bottle of sangria and her cheerful self, Ali made a great dinner, and even though I hurt, it felt so good to be enveloped by love, laughter, and life.