On to 1st Grade

Today marks the last day of Riley’s kindergarten year. She and her classmates celebrated the ending of their first year of school with a class party and show this past Thursday. Watching Riley on stage singing to the audience of parents and family members, it was hard to believe that she was the same girl who clung to me on the first day. It has been quite the journey for her and for me. Here were the highlights of her first year in school.

  • First and foremost, Riley learned to read. She attacked learning her sight words with vigor and ended the school year one reading level ahead of her goal.
  • She found an after-school program that she adores. Girls Inc. proved to be everything we hoped it would be and is one of Ri’s favorite places. She had the opportunity to do multiple STEM projects and met a ton of awesome female role models.
  • Mid-year Riley made her first frenemy. A little girl with whom she had fun but had a bad habit of cutting her dresses. With only a little encouragement, Riley confronted her friend’s bad behavior and worked it out. All is well that ends well.
  • She became a Girl Scout! I may be a bit more excited about this one than she is. Get ready for the next cookie-ordering season!
  • She attended events all alone. In February, she had the opportunity to attend a program from the Girl Scouts that highlighted the female engineers from Cook Medical. She was a bit disappointed that she didn’t recognize anyone when she got there but stayed cool, calm, and collected; made new friends; and had a great time. This past weekend, she attended a Girls Inc Girls Nite In and got to stay up till midnight!
  • She became a mathematician. This year, Riley discovered that math comes easily to her. Who knew! Those STEM programs may really pay off!

It has been quite the year, and I couldn’t be prouder. She studies hard, perseveres, and is kind to her classmates. On to 1st grade!