Mother’s Day According to My Children

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Unlike most of the holidays on the calendar, including Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day just isn’t one that I like to celebrate. Sure, I fully understand the important role mothers play and the importance of recognizing them. I just can’t get with the tradition of “letting mom relax for a day.” When does that ever happen? It’s a fallacy. 

This Mother’s Day was no different. We woke up at the break of dawn, literally the break of dawn, with not a mention of the holiday. I begged to be left alone for a couple extra minutes of shut eye but was denied until I finally gave up and grabbed a cup of coffee. Luckily, I managed to make it outside on the front porch to drink it in peace before they noticed I was missing. Then came the endless insistence that they get ready for the day. Of course, this is when they find everything in the house that is entertaining to them. Funny that they never recognize that entertainment when it is independent playtime.

Forty-five minutes later, we were finally in the car heading to the grocery store, where they touched everything and ran down the aisles. I lost my patience and yelled at them after the ninth time of telling them to get off the scale in the self check out. There were eyes of judgment all around me. What kind of mother yells at her kids on Mother’s Day?

Back in the car, they hit each other and called each other names while they fought over a random toy neither had noticed was in the car for a month. But, when we pulled in to my parents’ drive, they forgot all about their woes and played with the cousins for the rest of the day. At least then I got some solitude. Until they needed something, of course.

Just another day in mother’s paradise.

When we got home, I told them I needed some peace while I wrote this piece. They quickly offered to help. Finally some help! And so, they answered for me some questions about Mother’s Day. For your enjoyment, Mother’s Day according to my children.

Q: What is Mother’s Day?

Riley: Is the day you help us clean up the world.

Maddie: Because you have to clean up the Earth so it don’t be dirty.

Q: Why should you celebrate your mother?

Maddie: Because it’s Mother’s Day.

Riley: Because you love your mother.

Q: What makes moms special?

Riley: You help your mother out.

Maddie: Because we love you all of the times. Because they love you and kiss you and love you so much. You should actually give your mom a surprise.

Q: What should you help your mother out with?

Riley: Clean up the home.

Maddie: Help you water the plants and get some dirt for them. And some sunshine so they can grow with mommys.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with mom?

Maddie: Clean the table, floor, and counter.

Riley: Help build a puzzle.

Q: What would you do if you were a mom?

Riley: I’d let my kids get any toy.

Maddie: I don’t want to do anymore questions.