The Themes of the Year

We are only four months into the year, but already I am recognizing its theme – rules and unexpected visitors. The girls have enjoyed new experiences with friends and stepped into the world of online gaming. This week, they continued to enjoy their new social life, and I had an unexpected visitor, time.

Friday night started like any other night except for the first time in six or more months it was warm! Sunshine and joy returned to our household, and I was looking forward to a home-cooked meal on the grill. We all headed outside within a minute of being home, and as I prepped the grill, the girls played with the dogs. It was perfect. The sweet simple joy of spring.

Then came the faint sound of giggles from the neighbors three houses down from us. The girls’ heads turned instantly. Suddenly, like a rumbling heard of elephants, they trampled past me. Over the sound of their feet, I heard Riley yell, “Can we go play with Addy?” and then they were gone.

I followed them out the house and down the sidewalk to the neighbors. I asked their mom if it was okay if they played for a little bit and let her know that I would call for them when dinner was done. Then I walked home, put dinner on the grill, and sat down to read a magazine. In case you were skimming and missed that, I READ A MAGAZINE! Alone, on the porch with nothing but time on my hands.

Also in line with the year, the next day we needed to talk about rules for visiting the neighbors.

The night after, our next-door neighbor and their three-year-old daughter came out for a bonfire and time with friends. Again, the girls wasted no time asking if they could go play and running down the stairs to join her. I asked the neighbor if it was okay, and the girls played on the neighbors’ swing set for the next hour, and I was left with my new unexpected visitor, time.

I asked earlier this year what I was going to do with all of my newfound time. Well, it seems time and I do actually need to explore what we’re going to do together. As a family, the themes of the year may be rules and unexpected visitors, but for me, dare I say it, it might be me time. In celebration, I renewed my White Sox fandom and vowed to watch all the games I can this year. I might actually finish a book. My house might actually be clean. The possibilities are endless.