No, Really, I WANT to Be a Single Mom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman raising a child must be in want of a husband. (My apologies, Jane Austen.) But seriously, folks, isn’t that the common opinion? Some single mothers might indeed want to marry — but not all. 

I’ve heard it all. Pity for my position is the most common, but there are always those who are well meaning and want to offer hope: “One day, you’ll meet the right man,” or “When you get married, things will be much easier.” I’m sorry, but are things easy for any mother, married or not? Of course not. Kids can be a pain; it just comes with the territory. Besides, if it were all puppies and rainbows, we wouldn’t be able to recognize those precious moments of true love that keep us smiling.

My true love is my daughter. And my family. And my friends. And my life. I don’t feel like anything is missing or that I am burdened by traveling this parenting path alone. Because I’m not alone. I have an army of strong women and men at my side to help when I need help or to accept my help when they need help. Or to just be there in this life alongside me.

I think I can speak for numerous single mothers when I say we’ve got it made. We do not have to compromise on anything. We make the decisions, and they are final. We don’t have to mesh our parenting style with anyone else’s. Things are done right the first time. We can eat whatever we want for dinner or go out without checking in with someone else. We don’t have to worry about someone else’s schedule or habits or preferences or bad moods. And best of all, we get all the snuggles!

So, please don’t pity me. I will grow old with someone, lots of someones, in fact. I choose to not have a husband because that is what best suits me and my life. I am living my happily ever after.