Dear Blankie Ball, It’s Over.

Dear Blankie Ball,

It’s hard to believe that the last time I wrote you was three years ago. So many things have changed since that time. Your size, your name, and your smell are all so different than they were in the beginning. Time has not been kind to you, and you certainly don’t hide your battle scars well.

Your girl, Maddie, has changed quite a bit too. Her long legs still remain, although they have stretched even further, but her baby face has been replaced by the face of a little girl. Her words were once few, but now they are many. Usually uttered in the form of a song or story. She can stand her ground now with more than a “no” but an actual argument. She’s learning the alphabet, colors, sight words, and spelling now. She rides her bike all on her own and is in the big kid swim class.

A lot has changed.

When I last wrote you, I let you know that you were no longer welcome at Teddy Bear daycare. Always a trickster, you managed to find your way back. The news I have for you this time is much harder. This time, I need to let you know that your little girl doesn’t need you the way she did. I’m sure you noticed that you didn’t make it to school most of the week, and you were absent from most playdates. It seems our little girl has grown up.

Don’t worry, though. I will need you to get through this transition. But only after you’ve had a bath.


Her mother