Egg Carton Snowmen

This winter has been cold and snow-filled so far. Looking back on January (so glad to be able to finally say that), it hasn’t been the worst winter on record, but it certainly has done a number on my vacation time. On the bright side, Maddie did get to experience her first actual snowfall. Granted, she was around for the great NHN snow day sleepover of 2015, but she wasn’t old enough to remember, or participate. With 4+ inches on the ground this January, she enjoyed sledding with Grammy and, of course, her favorite of all: snowball fights. The more tightly packed ice- filled snowballs, the better. Riley, experiencing a first of her own, had her first actual day-off-of-school snow day.

Snow days for a working mom are stressful. At 5:15 a.m., the phone rings, followed promptly by an email alerting you that school has been canceled. For me, it’s always a surprise. How could school actually be canceled for only 1-3 inches of snow? The morning of Riley’s first snow day happened just like this: I dragged myself out of bed at the sound of the call and started to contemplate what do to. At 6, I was ready to explore the outside to see what it was actually like out there. When I realized that my whole street was a sheet of ice and even if I found a babysitter it would be futile to try to make the trek to work, I started to let go of the stress and began to get excited about the snow day morning off with the girls. After all, if you’re stuck, why not join in the childhood fun! The first thing on the girls’ minds when they saw the snow was making a snowman. Unfortunately, it was somewhere around -5 degrees and I’m pretty sure still raining ice. When you can’t do the real thing, it’s craft time! In a turn of good fortune, I had a lot of egg cartons on hand from my new pasta making hobby.

Halfway through, the girls got distracted and started to make “rainbow snowmen” and left me to assemble the snowman scene. I imagine it would have happened a lot like that if we had gotten to venture outside. With some creativity, distractions, and patience, we finally ended up with our own snowman scene. Here is how you can make your own too!

What You’ll Need:

An egg carton
Washable paint
Pipe cleaners

1. Separate the base and the top of the egg carton.
2. Cut the top of the carton in half and cut out each of the sections that would have held an egg from the bottom.
3. Paint the “egg holders” white and allow them to dry.
4. Mix white paint with a bit of blue paint and paint the top of the egg carton. Allow to dry.
5. Paint a face, carrot, and buttons on your snowmen.
6. Glue the snowmen to the base.
7. Cut green pipe cleaners into 3-4 pieces, making sure that one piece is longer. Twist the smaller pieces around the larger piece to make a tree.
8. Make small holes in the top of the carton. “Plant” the trees in these.