A Mom’s New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year from Nurture Her Nature! We’re excited to have this clean slate, and I am fully prepared to make good use of it. Inspired by Ali, the grownup in our NHN family, I have set four resolutions to be a better mom and role model for Story.

Be thankful every single day.

This is harder than it seems; I know, I’ve tried it before. As an anxious person by nature, my thoughts are often filled with things I did wrong, things I may have forgotten, replayed conversations, and worries, worries, worries. While there isn’t much I can do to control those thoughts, I can consciously add in some positive ones. I resolve to name and meditate on at least one thing I am thankful for every day this year.

Stop overcompensating for my daughter’s disappointments.

This is going to be the super tough one. I don’t aim to be my daughter’s friend; I am her mom and act like it. But there are times when life throws her disappointments that make me want to rush in and make it all better for her. I confess to taking her shopping, surprising her with a toy, playing games with her way too late on school nights, and otherwise doing anything at all that will replace her sadness with a smile. This year, I am going to let her take the hits and be there to support and guide her through them instead of covering them up. I can! I will!

Be a better friend.

I can get very wrapped up in my own life and neglect the lives of my loved ones. Case in point: last year, I had the most amazing birthday ever with my friends and family and surprises and love. In April. The pile of thank-you cards have moved around my house this past year; some are finished, some aren’t started. I am truly thankful for all the birthday love but have neglected to tell anyone that. Sigh. I resolve to both finish the thank-you cards and give more of my time to my lovies.

Stop comparing myself to other moms.

There is one mom in particular I am thinking of. She is perfect. Hair always beautifully coifed. Kids always well behaved. Clothes always clean. Never stressed. Always kind. And her vehicle! It’s the same as mine, but you wouldn’t know it. While the dirt hides the scratches (thanks, concrete median!) and dents on mine, hers always shines with perfection, even on nasty-weather days. It’s charmed, I’m sure of it. She’s a mom you’d love to hate but can’t because she’s so darn nice. I want to be her and chide myself for my lack of togetherness every single time I see her. No more. I’m going to take a note from her book and be kind to the hot-mess mom with the dirty car.

We’d love to hear your resolutions, moms! And if you feel the urge to check in on me and my goals, please do. I need all the support I can get!