Paper Bag Monsters Inspired by I Need My Monster

Maddie loves anything that has a dark side. As I mentioned earlier this week, she has LOVED the Halloween season. Her enjoyment of the season has been added to by a gift that she received for her birthday this year. A perfectly matched book given to her by Lesley called I Need My Monster.

I Need My Monster is a delightful children’s book about a child whose monster takes a vacation. After a long line of monsters try out for the position of being his monster, he firmly decides that no other monster will do. What will he do till his monster comes back?

You might remember that last year we created our own witch brooms as we were particularly inspired by Room on the Broom.  This year, since it is the Halloween season and we love our monster book, we decided to design our very own monsters. We gathered paper bags and all the craft supplies in the house and set off to build the perfect monster for our nighttime needs. Here is what we created and what you’ll need if you want to make your own.

What You’ll Need

Brown paper bags
Googly eyes
Washable paint
Paint brushes
Colored Popsicle sticks
And any other crafts supplies you can think of

  1. Paint paper bags the color of your monster. Remember, your monster can be anything you want it to be. Allow the paint to dry.
  2. Add tails, scales, feathers, fangs, or any other design your monster possesses. This is all about your imagination. Have fun! Make a few!
  3. Don’t forget to read the book. It really is quite a good book.