‘Tis the Season for Birthdays

Even though September marks the ending of summer and beginning of fall, a transition I don’t handle well, it is also birthday month for our family. The month starts with my mom’s birthday, followed by Riley’s, and then ends with mine. It’s a lot of celebrating, a lot of cake, and a lot of fun. Here’s how our celebrations unfolded this year:

For mom’s birthday celebration, she chose birthday sundaes in lieu of cake. She had planned to make colored whipped cream for our Labor Day celebration the Monday before, but with so much to do at the lake, we never got around to it. I had envisioned taking whipped cream from a can and using food coloring to color it, but I had underestimated Mom and had momentarily forgotten her love of real whipped topping. All of the grandchildren made it to the celebration due to an unexpected visit from my sister. We all enjoyed watching the making of the whipped topping and enjoyed eating it even more. Mom is right. The real thing is so much better.

We originally planned to celebrate Riley’s birthday that Sunday, but with the cousins in town, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with the whole clan. The girls enjoyed a sleepover at the lake house while I went home to make the cake. Making the cakes for the girls’ birthdays has always been one of my favorite things about the celebration. My mom always made really creative cakes for my birthdays. I loved seeing what she had come up with each year and hope the girls will enjoy the same. This year, I channeled Riley’s love of toys that require “unboxing” and created a cake that allowed her to “unbox” hidden Shopkins. It was fun and so was her celebration.

She rounded out her birthday with our NHN family birthday party the next day. I’m ashamed to report that Lesley’s new oh-so-adorable puppy received most of the attention, but I don’t think she cared too much. The cupcakes and presents were still plentiful.

For my birthday, Lesley strong-armed me into agreeing to go out for a night on the town. Specifically, to a local drag show where the queens would be performing Queen. It sounded amazing, but I doubted my ability to let go of responsibility and also to recover the next day. Lesley doubted my ability to have fun at all. Luckily, fun found us, and we had a great night out sans kids. Recovering, though, is another story.

The birthdays have all been successfully celebrated, and it’s time to hang up the cake. Until next year.