Puppy Snuggles!

I am a snuggle person. Just ask my poor mom, who had to endure my snuggles until I left for college. Story used to be a snuggle person too. But now she’s “grown up” and doesn’t care to snuggle much anymore. This has been quite distressing for me. I mean, isn’t that why I had a kid in the first place — snuggles? Okay, maybe not, but it was definitely a bonus. So what’s a mom to do when her only child no longer wants to snuggle?

Get a puppy!

Oh, yes. I threw my commitments and responsibilities aside this past weekend and drove to the bottom of Kentucky to get a puppy! Just look at this face and you’ll know why:

Meet Mishka (the name means little bear). We don’t know what breeds she is a mix of, but she does not disappoint. So much fluffy puppy fur and so many puppy snuggles — with a few nibbles thrown in; I’d forgotten about puppy needle teeth! Even so, I’m in heaven.

What’s even better is that Story is a tad jealous and came down from her big girl pedestal to snuggle me a bit. Muahahaha!

Now it’s Ali’s turn.