Saying Goodbye

This past week, the girls and I said goodbye to vacation and returned to the real world of work and school. It was hard to leave the beautiful, blue ocean for the familiar surroundings of home. Home greeted us with a heat wave that has made us feel like we are right back in the sweltering Florida summer. Reality greeted us with a much more meaningful goodbye.

When we first moved to Indiana, Riley befriended two girls: Story and a little girl in her class. This little girl was only two weeks younger than Riley, and they quickly became friends. Riley, however, could not pronounce her name and renamed her to something she could say, Hawk. Luckily, the little girl didn’t seem to mind the nickname. The girls were two peas in a pod and have been for the past three years of progressing from daycare to preschool.

Luckily for me, Hawk’s mom was just as wonderful as her little girl, and we have enjoyed many playdates over the years. She also introduced me to Girls, Inc. and provided me several opportunities to volunteer with them. She is one of those moms who manages to work, volunteer, and be a fantastic mom all within the limited hours a day provides. Her energy and spirit are admirable, and she passed them down to a charming little girl, her second daughter, born exactly six months after Maddie.

This summer, Hawk’s family has an amazing opportunity to pursue a year in Taiwan. It has been exciting to hear about what it takes to prepare to move a family overseas and learning a new language. It is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime!

We met at the park this week for the last playdate before they leave, and Hawk had her last day at preschool this Friday. It was bittersweet to say goodbye for the year, but we cannot wait to hear about all the amazing times they have!