Patriotic Felt Baskets

This year’s Fourth of July celebration looked a lot different for us. In fact, this summer has looked a lot different for us. Earlier this spring, my parents finished building a cottage on a local lake, and our lives haven’t been the same since. Living with two natural born fish who ache for water, we aren’t home much. In the month of June, I grocery-shopped one time and filled in the gaps with quick trips to the store before work. The laundry hasn’t been fully folded since May, and the state of my kitchen is unbearable. It’s been hectic but fun.

While the girls love their new normal, there is one part of our past summer lives that they miss — picnics. Previous summers we would have been at the park at least once having a picnic and playing in the sun. In an effort to bring back some picnic fun, we decided to make some red, white, and blue felt “picnic baskets” to celebrate Independence Day. While originally I thought that they might actually be able to carry some grapes to the park in these, they turned out to be great toy carriers and have made a nice home for the girls’ extensive collection of Shopkins. Either way, they were a fun 4th of July activity.

What You’ll Need

Red, white, and blue felt
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
Rectangular piece of cardboard

  1. Pick the color felt that you would like the bucket part of your basket. Take the cardboard piece and place it in the center of your felt.
  2. Starting from the corner of the felt cut a straight line to about 1 inch from the cardboard piece in the center. Match the cut sides together to form a triangle shape and glue the two pieces together. This will create one side of your basket.
  3. Once the glue is dry, cut off the excess felt on the inside of the basket.
  4. Cut out star decorations and glue to the side.
  5. Cut a handle and glue to each side of the basket.
  6. Find something fun to fill it with 🙂