What My Girls Are Bringing Home From Daycare

Choosing a daycare is an important decision. A lot goes into it. You have to be comfortable with the teachers, the food, the space, and the curriculum. When it comes to the girls’ daycare, I am happy. I feel confident that they will be safe and engaged with activities and learning. In fact, I am given evidence of their engagement and learning on a daily basis. They are sent home with multiple pages of artwork each day, most of which are haphazardly discarded on the floor of the car or torn into tiny pieces before we exit the parking lot. There is one brand of art activity, however, that I cannot discard with the heap. Every so often, daycare will send home a random object cut out of construction paper with my child’s head glued to it in a series I call “What daycare is gluing my kid’s head to today.”

I haven’t managed to save all of them from the fate of the trash can, but the ones I have provide me endless laughter and joy. Here I provide you with just a sampling of the growing collection:

The Easter Bunny

The Lady Bug

The Scarecrow

George Washington


I may think these are silly projects, but I sincerely hope they never stop coming home. The blackmail potential is just too rich.