The Real Family Photos and Why I Fake It

A small downfall of being a single mom is the lack of pictures of the kids that actually include you in it. Like most moms of the 21st century, I have my phone on hand at all times to capture the small memories and moments that make up our everyday, but when I look back at the pictures, there is always a noticeable lack of me. Sure, there is the occasional family selfie but nothing that truly reflects our family and the times that we have together. Though I don’t particularly enjoy having my picture taken and tend to shy away from the lens anyway, it is nice to have a family photo record acknowledging that yes I was indeed there at least in a few pictures.

So, when the opportunity presents itself, I ask my mom or a friend to take a family photo. Sadly, another problem presents itself during these opportunities. The girls just aren’t into it. In each family photo we try to pose for, I am excited and they are doing anything other than smiling for the camera.

Sometimes they are just downright bored.

Sometimes we have unwelcome guest visitors.

But most of the time they are just plain over it.

I have let go of the dream of happy family pictures. This is just who we are. A happy family that just can’t get it together all at the same time. So, once a year, I call in the professionals and fake it. And I am not ashamed.