Pot of Gold Blindfold Game for St. Patrick’s Day

This winter when visiting my mom over winter break, my nephew invented a game. Rather, he re-invented a classic birthday party game – pin the tail on the donkey. Likely inspired by his visit to my mom’s house and her love of M&M candies, he changed the concept to put the peanut in the M&M. My mom drew a large circle on a piece of paper, and they spent some time cutting out different shaped peanuts. Then blindfolded, they would spin around and try to get the peanut in the middle of the M&M. It was a great way to spend a wintery afternoon. My girls got just as much enjoyment out of it the next day. 

So, with St. Patrick’s Day coming up this Friday, and winter weather in the forecast, the girls and I made our own holiday-themed variation of the game. I found green colored fabric remnants at our local Walmart and purchased some poster board and construction paper. The girls and I spent Sunday cutting the construction paper into small pieces and assembling a rainbow. Cutting and gluing are currently two of their favorite activities, so they had a lot of fun. Today as the snow fell down outside, we kicked off our St. Patrick’s Day week with a rousing game of put the gold in the pot. Here is how to create your own game.

What You’ll Need
Construction paper in the colors of the rainbow
Green poster board
Black poster board
Elmer’s Washable School Glue
Gold coins
Mod Podge

  1. Cut a pot out of the black poster board. I googled a picture of one to use as a guide.
  2. Glue the black pot to the green poster board. Cover the top with a thin layer of Mod Podge to keep it solidly in place and to keep the tape on the back of the coins from ripping the pot.
  3. Cut construction paper into small pieces. I put each color in a separate plastic baggie to keep them from becoming a jumbled mess.
  4. Make a curved line with the glue coming out of the pot and going to the top of the green poster board. Use the tip of the glue to smear the line. Sprinkle one color of construction paper over the glue.
  5. Repeat for each color of the rainbow.
  6. Place a piece of tape on the back of each coin.
  7. To play the game, place a blindfold on the player and spin them around three times. Give them a gold coin and see who can get the closest to the top of the pot!