10 Invaluable Travel Tips for Single Moms

By Crystal from Make Your Baby Laugh

Whether you’re in the process of booking your baby’s first plane flight, or you’re planning a road trip to visit your mom and dad, if you’re seriously considering traveling as a single mom, simply continue reading to discover 10 handy tips that will make traveling with your baby a breeze.

1. Book an early dinner reservation. 

If you plan on eating out while you’re traveling, it’s well worth booking a table at 5:30 p.m. at your chosen restaurant. It won’t be packed and you’ll have plenty of room to park your baby stroller. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about your little one making noise as at 5:30 most restaurants will still be relatively empty and your waiter will be able to seat you in a secluded area of the restaurant.

2. Book flights during your baby’s scheduled bedtime.

Getting through a long-haul flight with a baby in tow is far more manageable if you book a flight that departs in the evening. That way, your baby will sleep through the majority of your flight and you won’t have to come up with ingenious ways of keeping your baby entertained for hours.

3. Always opt for a direct flight.

The last thing you want to do is book flights that have short layovers. If your first flight is delayed, you may have to run from one gate to another, carrying your baby and your baby stroller. If possible, always opt for a direct flight, for your own peace of mind.

4. Drive when your baby is napping. 

Alternatively, if you’re planning on driving from one city to another, it’s also worth doing the bulk of your driving during the evenings. Ideally, you’ll want to minimize your chances of being distracted by a crying infant while you’re driving. To increase your chances of your baby sleeping soundly during your drive, you may want to bathe your baby right before you hit the road.

5. Be the last person to board a flight.

There’s no point rushing to your seat. Instead, let your baby crawl around the departure lounge to get rid of excess energy. That way, they’ll be far less likely to get restless before takeoff.

6. Opt for cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are ideal for traveling as you’ll be able to hand wash and reuse your baby’s diapers multiple times, which means that you’ll never be caught without a clean diaper. As a bonus, cloth diapers are also less likely to irritate your baby’s skin.

7. Purchase some things specifically for the trip.

If your everyday baby stroller or baby carrier is hard to maneuver, it’s well worth purchasing a lightweight ergonomic model that will make traveling with your little one a breeze. If your baby is light enough to carry for extended periods of time, it’s also well worth purchasing a baby sling, which will allow you to use both hands while safely carrying your baby.

8. Pack a variety of clothing layers.

Due to the air-conditioning on planes, it’s well worth storing extra layers, such as a sweater and warm booties, in your carry-on luggage. That way, if your wee one gets cold, you’ll be able to dress him or her in warmer clothes.

9. Book a hotel room that boasts a crib.

Did you know that a large proportion of hotels and resorts offer cribs? It’s well worth calling or emailing a potential hotel, well in advance, to see whether you can book a room that boasts a crib or whether you can hire a crib.

10. Choose a rental car or cab that has enough room for your stroller and bags.

Smaller vehicles often don’t have enough space to store a large suitcase as well as the stroller. So it pays to choose a medium or large sized rental car or cab in order to get from A to B.

So if you’re planning on traveling with your baby in the near future, it’s well worth rereading this handy article before you embark on your trip!

About the Author

Crystal is a mother of three wonderful children and founder of MakeYourBabyLaugh. She started to write the blog to help mothers and fathers who are struggling to raise their children. She loves to travel. Her dream is to travel around the world with her family. Follow her on Twitter @crystalwatson80.