What Moms Really Want for Christmas

We are moms, so we are so proud of our children’s artworks, glittered cards, construction-paper ornaments, decorated letters, and exuberant finger paintings. And then to find out these creations are made just for us for Christmas, well, that just melts our hearts. That’s what the holiday is about, after all — love, togetherness, appreciation. We are sincere in our sentiments and take them very seriously.

And yet …

We harbor secret desires that lie beneath layers of guilt for ever wanting anything more than what we have. And dare I say it, sometimes those desires are materialistic! Right now, your eyes are wide with worry, defiance, judgment, or scorn. Yes, I really said that, and I mean it. Case in point: I recently purchased an item for my mother as her Christmas gift. She has been looking for it for FIVE years and came across it while out shopping for me. She was obviously excited, but I had to convince her that it was okay to, first, admit she wanted it, and second, admit it would be a nice Christmas gift. I got it for her. Now, she wants to pay me for it. Pay me for her Christmas gift. She feels the guilt. Of course, this isn’t going to happen (sorry, Mama), but I get it. I’d feel the same if the roles were me and my daughter.

I asked several moms what they wanted for Christmas, and the answers were both mom-typical and surprising:

  • Anything relaxing, luxurious quick (but not too time consuming); i.e., bubble bath, nice scrubs and lotions, a massage, heavenly scented candles. A spa day would be too much of a time pexels-photo-239583commitment.
  • A personal chef.
  • Financially it’s never going to happen but a surprise vacation to Hawaii with no kids would be my ultimate present.
  • My favorite perfume, books, family photo, pajamas. Things I wouldn’t buy for myself.
  • I want a Christmas where I don’t have to worry about where the money is going to come from for bills and that I can get Tayla those driving lessons she wants and be able to provide everything Lynnzy needs for her baby and to be able to take my family on a vacation that I’ve always promised but never had the money to do. I want to be able to not live below poverty level for once in my life.
  • Merry Maids service.
  • I would really love some time with my hubby. Just us. To refresh our parental batteries and to be able to be just a couple for a moment. So people to take my kids plays along with making that happen. I don’t want to receive stuff or gifts. I don’t want to spend money on useless things for others. I just want time with family and friends to make memories. Memories last way longer than any physical item … that is all.
  • I always want a back or foot massage. And an evening with a nice bottle of wine, take-out, and peace and quiet without taking care of others.
  • Silence. Preferably a hotel room alone with no living creatures crawling on me.
  • A date. A massage. A meal I didn’t have to cook. Anything that means time to relax sans kids. Someone to come clean the house. Some projects knocked off the never-ending honey-do list.
  • Sleep!
  • I just want to poop alone.
  • A spa break including massage and something to compensate for tired skin … and eyes … and hair and everything that gets a bit neglected during the year. But really what I’m getting is sewing stuff, which is equally brilliant and will help me grow my teeny business (and it’s therapeutic). Also acknowledgment for all the incredibly immense and hard work that no one ever seems to appreciate.
  • A day or night by myself, a massage, someone to clean my house, and/or someone to clean out my car.
  • Shopping money! To get something for myself this time!
  • House-cleaning service.
  • A nice camera or jewelry, especially rings.
  • As a mom of four, I would love all the things that everyone has mentioned, but I think I would love just some time with my kids and husband just making homemade gifts and having a hot cocoa party. Working so much has taken every minute of the day from me. I miss them and doing things together.
  • Dinosaur tranquilizer gun. The ones they used in Jurassic Park…. Those exist right?
  • A double whiskey and no guilt.
  • A car starter.

I just have to say I love these moms. Each answer has told a story. Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope you get everything you want! You deserve it.

Now, let’s hear from you, ladies. What do you truly want for Christmas?