Epiphany in a Clothing Store

I take pride in being comfortable in my own skin. The unfortunate neighbor who glances at my house when I happen to be walking by an unshaded window knows this all too well. But it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized how uncomfortable in my clothes I have been.

My mom came to town to go to The Nutcracker with Story and me. In a fortunate mistake, she forgot to bring her clothes for the occasion. We had planned to go shopping — Christmas shopping, that is — so we had the time carved out for an emergency run to a department store.

Clothes shopping is a dreaded task for me. I hate spending money on necessities, I never find anything I like, and I always end up spending boutique-646295__340way too much money and time just to end up settling. Mom was running into the same problem, and this unsatisfying outing was cutting into our precious family time. Frustrated, we decided to hit one more store. There, my perspective changed.

I’ve recently gone up a size and have been putting off clothes shopping because of the aforementioned irritations. Luckily, I work from home, so I can get away with wearing lounge clothes most of the time, and I too often wear my house clothes out into public. However, there are times when I have need of nicer clothes, and for far too long, I’ve been folding, sucking, and squishing myself into too-small clothes. Mind you, I am incredibly stubborn, and I’d have rather fasted myself into those clothes than go clothes shopping.

But there I was helping my mama shop for an outfit she felt comfortable and nice in. As I browsed for her, I found several things that I liked, and I was quite stunned with the price tags. I followed her into the dressing room with my own armload of clothes, and unlike any clothes shopping experience ever, I walked out with more than I put back.

And, friends, I had fun! I now understand why people find shopping enjoyable. I felt pretty and feminine and flirty. I felt confident and cozy and . . . myself. I discovered the feeling of comfort in my clothes that was just as strong as the comfort I feel in my skin, but even more, I realized how important it was to me. Who knew a clothing store could cause an epiphany?