Cookie Cutter Artwork

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is the abundance of mailers and catalogs in the mail. I’m a window shopper by heart, so when it comes right to my mailbox I’m in heaven. This year while browsing a particularly beautiful Wayfair catalog, I came across a series of four snowflake pictures that I really loved. Of course, like any good window shopper, I knew I wasn’t going to get them. The design was so simple, though, that I decided to turn these pictures into our holiday craft.

So instead of ordering the painting, I headed over to Amazon to order the supplies. When they arrived, the girls and I got out our painting supplies and arraigned ourselves at the table, ready to start. I gave my normal pre-painting instructions. 1) If you stop listening, the paint goes away. 2) If you start fighting, the paint goes away. 3) If the paint starts going other places than the canvas, the paint goes away. Feeling like we were all on the same page, I set out the different containers of paint, gave the instructions for what we were making, and showed an example. Then, the girls went to work.

The first few snowflakes turned out perfectly, and I was really excited about what the finished product would look like. Then, the creative juices in both girls started flowing. Paints started mixing. Hands started replacing the brushes. Riley even grabbed some ribbon to add texture to hers. It was a perfect example of a functioning art studio. But, I was not happy. They weren’t following directions, and the canvas wasn’t going to look the way I had envisioned it. I was going to hang them on the walls, but now I certainly couldn’t. The Virgo in me had taken over. We cleaned up, and I felt defeated.

The next morning though, with a fresh coffee and attitude, I walked over to the paintings. They were actually really great, and I loved the flare the girls had added to them. They weren’t what I had seen in the catalog, but they certainly were my girls’ personalities, and that matched our house better than anything. I apologized to the girls and promptly hung them up in our front hallway. Moms’ misjudgments happen even during the holidays. At least we now have some beautiful art despite it.

What You’ll Need
We chose a larger canvas, but you will want to find one that fits the space where you would like to hang it.
Washable Paint
We were making snowflakes, so we used blues and white.
Paint brush
Cookie Cutters
We used this beautiful snowflake set


  1. On a plate, pour the paint colors you will use for the painting.
  2. Press the cookie cutters into the paint. You do not want too much to drip off.
  3. Press the cookie cutter on the canvas to make a print.
  4. Design the canvas however you would like! Originally the snowflakes were going to be in a line, but scattered can look great as well.

Recommended Reading

No, this book isn’t about snowflakes, but it is about being different, much like a snowflake or artwork that isn’t like everyone else’s or the one in the store. Lesley gave this book to Maddie for our family Christmas, and we have been reading it since. The message in the book is about difference being okay and that even when someone is very different than you, you can still find similarities.