Disguised Turkeys Inspired by Turkey Trouble

We have never had a Thanksgiving book before. In fact, I must shamefully admit that the time between Halloween and Christmas goes largely uncelebrated. So, in the spirit of celebrating all holidays, the girls and I have spent this Thanksgiving season reading a really cute book called Turkey Trouble.

Turkey TroubleΒ is about a turkey who is in trouble. Lots of trouble. Why? Because it’s Thanksgiving season, of course, and he knows he is about to become dinner. This turkey, though, is clever and makes several disguises to look like other barnyard animals. Surely the farmer wouldn’t eat them for dinner.

We’ve enjoyed reading the book and seeing the turkey’s disguises so much that we decided to make our own turkeys and then disguise them as other barnyard animals. First we made our turkeys, then we hunted around the house for objects that we could use in their disguises. It was a lot of fun, and with the addition of the enjoyment we have gotten from reading the book this season, I am considering Thanksgiving thoroughly celebrated.

paper-bag-turkeys-inspired-by-turkey-trouble-nurture-her-natureWhat You’ll Need

For the turkeys:
Brown paper bags
Construction paper, especially red, black, yellow, and orange
Elmer’s glue
Suggestions for the disguises:
Cotton balls
Milk carton tops


  1. gluing-feathers-on-the-turkeyCut out shapes for the eyes, beak, wattle, and feathers.
  2. Glue the eyes and beak to the top of the brown paper bag and the wattle underneath.
  3. Glue the feathers to the back and allow them to dry. Ta da! You have a turkey. We spent some time playing with the turkey, both pretending it was the character from the book and creating our own characters.
  4. Decide what barnyard animal you want to disguise your turkeys as and gather appropriate supplies from around the house.
  5. Glue the disguises to the turkeys. You might need a hot glue gun, depending on the supplies you choose.


Recommended Reading

Obviously, this activity is based on the book Turkey Trouble.Β In this book, turkey is worried about his fate as Thanksgiving nears. Turkey uses his creativity to disguise himself as other animals around the farm. In the end, he comes up with his most clever costume yet and solves his problem. At least for this year.