Removing Crayon From a Wall: Which Method Is Best

I live with an artist. Yes, Maddie was blessed with the gift of imagination and creativity. So much of it that it cannot be contained within her mind but has to be released through the her body and coloring utensil onto the paper. Her artwork is created with great gusto. Hard lines, soft lines, shapes, and meaningful blobs — she does them all. All this creativity and art sometimes cannot be contained on a simple piece of paper. Sometimes the work moves her so much that her little hands find themselves creating masterpieces on my wall.

I knew that drawing on walls was a thing that children did. Or, at least I’d heard other mothers complain about it. Through their conversations, I learned that crayon was not the easiest thing to remove from a wall, but I had never had to experience it. Riley always loved to color but, for some reason, was never moved to color anywhere other than her paper or the coloring book. I considered myself lucky but also developed a habit of not watching too closely when Riley was coloring. It was always a great time to do the dishes or vacuum the floors. So I didn’t think too much of it when Maddie started joining in the coloring fun and creating pictures with her sister. That is, until I popped my head up from unloading dishes to find that she had crawled onto the couch and created not one but two wondrous purple masterpieces right there on the wall.

purple-crayon-on-the-wall“Look, Mommy!” she exclaimed happily.

“A masterpiece!” Riley chimed in.

So four and a half years into my parenting experience, I sat down with Pinterest and searched “removing crayon from the wall” for the first time. There I found a few different methods, some more difficult than others. I wrote down three in my planner and promised myself that I would test them out on the weekend. Twelve weekends and one weekday later, I did it. The girls and I experimented with each method to find which one removed crayon from the wall the best. Here were the results of our experiment:
1. Baby Wipes

I was skeptical that baby wipes would be up to the task of removing crayon from the wall, but I certainly had enough of them lying around the house so it didn’t hurt to give them a try. We scrubbed a bit, and it definitely worked. But, only to three-tested-methods-of-removing-crayon-from-wallsa point. After the application of a bit of elbow grease you could still make out a faint line of purple. We moved on.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great solution to a lot of household smells and problems, so I was hopeful that it would work really well. We took a healthy amount of baking soda and added just enough water to it to make it a paste. We applied it to the wall and used a rag to scrub. It worked really well. It took some effort, and we needed to wipe the wall down, rinse the rags, and start again a couple of times to remove all of the crayon. It did, though, remove all of the crayon in the end.

3. Toothpaste

I was less certain about this solution, but it did seem like fun to try. The girls agreed. They had a great time putting toothpaste on their rags and wiping it all over the walls. I assure you, it was much less messy than it sounds, and it worked like a charm! The crayon came right off with very little scrubbing and left the wall sparkling white and smelling minty clean. It was great!

Experiment completed, toothpaste earned its place as the number-one solution for cleaning crayon off of the wall. The logical next experiment would be to test which type of toothpaste is best (I used Colgate Baking Soda and Peroxide) . Although, I’d rather not have the problem of crayon on the walls again.