An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

As I sat down to write this, I realized I didn’t have anything to say. Especially on this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, how can I possibly write a post that relates a funny story, a fabulous vacation, or a yet another trial of motherhood? It just all seems so … ordinary. We’re eating our dinner while others suffer. We complain about our kids sleeping with us when there are those who have no place to sleep. We bicker with our family when others have lost their loves. How dare I blabber on about the goings-on in my life when there are so many more important issues in this world.

But then I realized that the ordinary moments are important too. Once, after several rather dull conversations, my sister Lora told me I needed to get some business so we’d have something to talk about. Very shortly thereafter, I gave her the news of my pregnancy. We decided then that boring was A-OK with us!

Following the great puppy escape of my last post, I’m quite content to let the drama settle for a while and report a rather ordinary week:

  • Speaking of the puppy, she rode Remy (our German shepherd) for a few beats — like a monkey on her back. Both she and Remy looked rather freaked out by the experience and stayed away from each other for a bit afterward.
  • The neighbor kids came over and convinced me to make chocolate chip cookies.
  • Ali was sick, and I took the opportunity to mom her. (I don’t think she listened.)
  • I told Story a trillion gazillion times to clean her room. She did once but didn’t do it the way I like it.
  • Story and I snuggled in the recliner that seems to get smaller by the day, and she played with my hair.
  • Mom and I had our weekly chat over coffee.

  • I hurt my shoulder during an exercise class and cannot move my arm up without excruciating pain. Choosing clothes on this warm, late-summer Indiana day was difficult since I could not shave my underarms.
  • I met a friend at the park with our kids, and we refused to engage with them, claiming our own playdate.
  • Story had two marks at school, both for talking out of turn.
  • I still cannot find that jar of peanut butter I bought last week.
  • Sunday school started for the year, and the kids were really truly excited to be in my class.
  • We celebrated Riley’s fifth birthday twice. (Every little girl should have two birthday parties.) And I saw her smile more in those two days than I’ve seen her smile in the last two weeks.
  • I talked to both my sisters.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed a new project at work.
  • I watched a friend’s vacation to Costa Rica via Facebook. (She has no children yet.)
  •  I told Story I love her a trillion gazillion times, and she said it back all but once. (That one time, she rolled her eyes and said, “I knooooow, Mama.”

These are the moments I remember; the rest of the week was a blur, as usual. But this is my life — ordinary to everyone else, extraordinary to me.