Milk Carton Watering Cans

This summer I had a grand plan. The grand plan that I have every year. I was going to plant a garden. I really shouldn’t say was. I still might. It is June, but, oh well, I’m a novice. It will either work or it won’t. Kale is hard to kill anyway, right?

While my raised beds remain bare, the girls and I did manage to get a few things planted. I knew that we wouldn’t make it through the summer if we didn’t have a couple of fresh items on hand: tomatoes, strawberries, and basil. Tomatoes because the girls and I can eat those by the crate full, strawberries because it’s summertime, and basil because I don’t know what summer would be without Caprese salad. (more…)


This month’s dinner also happened to be my birthday dinner, so I made one of my favorite dishes: moussaka. I’d considered making it several times before, mostly after devouring the dish in a local restaurant, but never attempted it. It seemed complicated, and I’m not that secure in my cooking skills. Best to leave such things to the professionals. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. So, I tried my hand. (more…)

Open Letter to the Creator of Bunk Beds

Dear Ms. Bunk Bed Creator,

I must admit that I had my doubts. When Ali got a bunk bed for her girls and reported the resulting magic of the immediate vacancy of her bed, I shook my head. Her girls were ready to sleep in their own room; the arrival of the bunk bed just happened to coincide with that milestone. I may have even begrudged her a bit. My own daughter was two years older than her oldest and still sleeping in my bed. No way did Ali think of something I didn’t to retrieve the luxury of an empty bed. It was just nature. Her girls felt the call to nighttime independence before mine. We two moms had nothing to do with it.