Cookie Dough Bar

This past weekend, we celebrated Maddie’s second birthday with the Nurture Her Nature family. Even as I type that sentence, I can’t believe that it is true. How did her second birthday come so quickly? Her attitude fully lets me know that she is indeed a two-year-old, but to me, she is still the sweet five-month-old baby pictured in our About Us section. While she is still as sweet as pie, she has also naturally developed two addictions. One, an addiction to adrenaline, was not expected. The other, an addiction to all things sugary, was expected given family history. So for her birthday, we pulled together a collection of sugary things and let the girls make their own custom cookies. 

The idea first came from a local cookie shop that is nothing short of amazing. Baked! is one of those ideas that you come across and wonder why no one had ever thought of it before. They offer a pick-and-choose menu that allows you to pick the dough you’d like (which includes some really awesome seasonal ones) and up to three toppings. Then, they are served warm. If ever there was a reason to live in a college town, this is it.

Try a cookie dough bar for your childs next birthday - Nurture Her NatureFor our cookie dough bar, we had two dough options: oatmeal and regular (chocolate chip cookie dough without the chips). We then had chopped-up Oreos and Butterfinger bars, pretzel M&Ms, chocolate chips, and colored frosting bags to finish them off with. The girls had a great time mixing and matching with little room in their bowls for the actual cookie dough. Lesley’s was much more conservative, and mine was somewhere in the middle. Lesley, not as much of a fan of sugar (mainly because she has to deal with the aftermath of Story on sugar), kept her cool during the frenzy of cookie fun, that is, until the frosting came out. She then sneakily tried to make the smallest hole possible in the bag. Oh, how mothers try sometimes.

Aside from various displays of young female moods and antics and an unfortunate instance of turning the oven off whilst cookies were baking, the celebration was a success.

Want to try a cookie dough bar at home? Here are some suggestions:

    • Choose two types of dough.
    • Have a few options of cookie/candy bars. Put them in a plastic bag and smash them with a hammer to make small enough pieces for the cookies.Here are a few options:
    • Have a few options of smaller candies.
    • Have a good size mixing bowl and spoon for each child.
    • Make sure you have multiple baking sheets and enough counter space for the cookies to cool.
    • Set a rule in the beginning of how many cookies they can eat now, and have goodie bags available to take home the rest.Happy birthday cookie dough bar - Nurture Her Nature