Story’s Stories

For those of you who know how I’ve suffered with Story’s blatant lack of interest in learning to read, please join me in a collective sigh of relief. Story has been voluntarily reading to me every night. I have the great Mo Willems to thank for that. I’m truly excited about this, and something miraculous has resulted, folks — a mother’s dream really. Well, my dream. Story wants to be an author and illustrator. And she is practicing this art morning, noon, and night. She enjoys this new work so much that even my overt enthusiasm has not deterred her.

ReadingIt all started with a business trip. When I returned, my thoughtful daughter had made me a “welcome home” present: a book. She was quite proud of it, and rightly so. She even took it to school the next day to read to the class. My brilliant, brave girl. She’s already seeking feedback to better her craft. And I have seen it improve with each new book. She now has a collection of both fiction and nonfiction “pieces,” as she calls them. She lectures me on the importance of a book having a problem and quizzes me on identifying the problem of each. And her themes! Loving yourself for who you are, stealing has consequences, bananas punching monkeys — you know, good stuff.

So, yes, I’m thrilled . . . and a tad envious. Is that bad? Is it awful that I want to steal her ideas and make them my own? Moms do that all the time, right? I joke. Kinda.

I understand that this post is not helpful to anyone and that I am taking this opportunity to brag about my amazing daughter. But that’s okay. We should all brag about our kids sometimes and spend a moment to reflect on those qualities in them that keep us in awe.

If you feel inspired to brag, please do so! We’d love to hear it!