Eggshell Mosaics

Easter weekend has become a busy, busy time. It rivals Christmas in the number of activities that we do and the amount of sweets eaten. The traditions I had as a child have certainly been built upon and expanded. This year was no different. The Easter egg hunt that we attend is put on by a local church and it is amazing. Each year they add something new and exciting. This year, they added a helicopter egg drop. It was so cool, and I think my mom and I were just as, if not more, thrilled with it than the girls. Check out the video on our Instagram.

Toddler Easter Egg dyingIn keeping with the more traditional of Easter traditions, the girls and I colored eggs at my parents’ house the Friday before. Riley, now four, has gotten to a point that she is able to recognize that eggs are delicate, dye should not be spilled, and you can make some pretty cool eggs if you focus. Maddie has not made these realizations. Oh I had forgotten the stress of coloring eggs with a two-year-old! So many smashed eggs! I brought ten eggs with me to color, and my mom provided another six or so. Of those, perhaps half survived the wild egg dying of Maddie.

What is it like to dye eggs with a 2-year-old? Not pretty. Turn it into something pretty with these #Easteregg mosaics. #kidscraft Click To Tweet

What were we going to do with all of those eggs? We really couldn’t use them in the Easter baskets. I left most of them with mom for breakfasts but took some as well. It felt like a lot of waste to me.

Easter day, I found myself making another medical call to my aunt, the pediatrician but also avid dog lover. This time, it was about the dog. Savannah had been acting very odd all day, and when we returned home from a trip to the park, I found her shaking. Aunt Elaine was quick to want a medical assessment over Google Hangouts (which, by the way, is never requested when I call about the kids!). Of course, by the time we got Hangouts working, Savannah was back to her old self. Funny how that happens. We did have a lovely chat though, and this is when I learned about making mosaics out of eggshells! It was a perfect solution to my cracked egg problem, and I loved that we were now able to carry out a tradition that my gran had started.

egg shell mosaic with leftover egg shelssWhat You’ll Need


Construction Paper or coloring pages

Plastic bag


  1. Put the egg shells in a plastic bag and crush them into very small pieces. As you can imagine, this will probably be the kids’ favorite part.
  2. Pick the construction paper or coloring page that you want to make your mosaic. We found our coloring pages on Pinterest here and here.
  3. Smear glue over the area that you want the eggshells to stick to. Again, probably going to be one of the kids’ favorite parts.
  4. Sprinkle the eggshells over the glue and shake off the ones that don’t stick. Continue until you have your mosaic masterpiece!The girls mosaics from leftover egg shells

Nurture the Experience 

What is a mosaic? Use this opportunity to build your child’s art knowledge. Mosaics are an art form that uses small pieces of stone, glass, or other colored material to form images. This form of art has been around since ancient times dating back to around 1500 BC. When you’re done with your mosaics, check out these sites with your child for some cool examples of ancient mosaics and modern ones.

25 Beautiful Mosaics From Around the World

Top 10 Amazing Mosaic Artworks

Recommended Reading 

I remember reading The Golden Egg Book when I was a kid and since this craft is all about traditions this book is a natural fit! I remember thinking the egg on the cover was just gorgeous and, as I revisited the story, I remembered why I love it so much. It is a great story about a lonely little bunny who finds an egg. He tries everything he can to get it to hatch. When it finally does the bunny is fast asleep. The duck, then, tries everything he can to wake the bunny. It’s adorable.