Let Them Do the Right Thing

You can’t teach your kids everything. It is one of those strange mom thoughts that you have to sometimes sit down and repeat to yourself. I cannot teach my kids everything. Our mother instincts tell us we are the protector. We are the feeder. We are the everything that will make our kids who they are and keep them alive. Sometimes, though, we just need to sit back and let them develop into who they will be. (more…)

Pinecone Leprechauns

We have had an amazing winter this year. The snow has been at a minimum, there have been very few days of freezing temperatures, and there have been days of unseasonably warm weather. In fact, we had one day of 70 degree weather in February! In Indiana! That’s just unheard of. Typically we Hoosiers are bracing ourselves for the most grey, cold, ugly month of the year. But nope, not this year! And even better, this warm day came on a Saturday! There was only one thing to do. I packed up the girls, broke out my picnic backpack, and headed to a local state park where we spent the whole day outside running, skipping rocks, and exploring the woods for dogs (this was the girls’ idea; there were a lot of dogs on walks that day). (more…)

Cleaning Products on a Budget

After my daughter was born, my cleaning routine changed. This happened for several reasons. First, cleaning products are expensive! I am always on a budget, and I resented putting money toward such things. Second, my mom and grandma were helping me with newborn Story, and they showed me a different way of cleaning. Third, the idea of having unknown chemicals so close to my daughter’s skin (on the floor when she started crawling, in the bathtub, etc.) made me break out in hives. She’s a thumbsucker! If she touched the residue of any of those toxic cleaning products, it would immediately find its way into her mouth. So I changed my ways and have been cleaning-product-related-hive-free ever since!


Avocado Pasta

This past week, Aldi has had avocados on sale for $0.49 each! I love avocados but the thought of spending a dollar (or sometimes more) on one piece of fruit just doesn’t sit well with me. Not to mention, I have a hard time timing the eating of them right. I know that you are supposed to buy them when they are somewhat tender but, I swear, whether I buy them hard as a rock, squishy, or somewhere in between, at least half of it is bad when I open it. So, half of my dollar goes to waste. I have learned now, though, that Aldi is really the only place you should buy avocados. Not only are they half the price of other chain grocers, they are not half disgusting when you peel them. (more…)

A Vocabulary Lesson

If you’ve read any of my posts about Story, you know she’s a talker. Luckily for me, she has a rather large vocabulary and can tell some pretty creative tales. She tries out new words every once in a while, but these past couple of weeks have made for some pretty interesting conversations. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a vocabulary spurt, but if so, she’s going through one right now.

Sometimes she aims at the mark but misses: “Mom, this is the most dumbfounded spaghetti I’ve ever had!” Sometimes she hits the bull’s eye: “I’ve never had Mt. Dew, but when I’m an adult, I’m sure it will taste marvelous.” My favorites though are those that come nowhere near the target: Pointing at the night sky, “I see so many constipations!”