Lime Chicken Linguine and Cheesecake Bites

Our dinner in February was special to me because I hadn’t seen Ali and the girls for what felt like forever. You know how sometimes life determines your schedule without allowing you to have input? Yeah, that’s what is has been like recently. So the chance to sit down to a (hopefully) delicious meal with a great friend while kids screamed their happiness in the background was just what I needed. (more…)

Spring Paper Plate Flowers

If you didn’t know by now, my family celebrates every holiday. My home calendar even tells me the obscure holidays for each day, and though they are usually silly, I like to celebrate if I can. For instance, as I write this, it is Fragrance Day. My house has a lot of smells, so I’m going to already check that off as celebrated. Easter, though, has snuck up on me this year. Putting it the week after St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t fair! There’s a lot that needs to go into a celebration of a holiday. The craft, the food, the decorations. After a panicked glance at the calendar last week, we finally got our Easter decorations out and luckily Aldi had Easter-shaped pasta so that’s taken care of. Oh well. All is well that ends well. (more…)

Let’s Talk About Tics

No, not those creepy little bloodsuckers that give you the shivers — rather, let’s talk about those shivers! Or twitches or eye blinks or grunts or sniffs — any “sudden, repetitive movement or sound that can be difficult [if not impossible!] to control.” When talking about tics, Tourette’s syndrome, which is certainly a well-known representative tic disorder, is what usually comes to mind. But there are also several other variations. There are two primary types of tics: motor tics involve movement, and vocal tics involve sound. Story has had both. (more…)

Creating a Fire Safety Plan with Kids

Last week, my fear of fire was rekindled. A local radio station covered a news story of a two-year-old who had died the night before in a house fire one county over. It was one of those news stories that you want to turn off but the personal connection keeps you listening. The reporter was very matter-of-fact, no fluff built in to elaborate the dramatic side, but still, by the time I pulled into work, I had to wipe away tears. The reporter went on to give a couple of quick fire safety tips, one of them being to check your fire alarms once a week. Wow! Once a week? I thought that you were only supposed to check them once a year. It got me thinking. What else do I not know about fire safety? (more…)