Simple Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

I love Valentine’s Day. I should correct, I love holidays. Valentine’s Day is just one of the many that gets my affection, which is appropriate because it’s all about love! Each year, the girls’ daycare holds a Valentine’s Day party, and all of the classmates bring each other valentines that I assume they pass out during the party. I imagine that it’s this way in elementary school as well. Of course, in elementary school, there is a little more leverage to have the child actually make them on his or her own. At least at that point they can write, which is usually an essential skill when making a valentine.

We make our valentines each year. I suppose it isn’t written anywhere that the valentines must be homemade, and usually I waver on this when I receive the list of how many kids are in their classes. Sure, I could take the girls out to Walmart and spend twenty minutes in the valentines aisle while they decide between Paw Patrol and Spiderman valentines and then another twenty minutes explaining that we are buying valentines for their classmates and that cannot be swapped for the giant stuffed dog holding a heart. Yes, that would be painful but efficient. It would also completely miss the point! Valentine’s Day is all about sharing how much you care about someone. A little effort should be put into it. After all, each one of Riley’s classmates spent at least one day this year being her best friend.

So, a quick gather of supplies and we were a valentine-making factory this weekend. The prep of supplies was the hardest part of these really simple valentines. The assembly was easy, and also easy for small hands to help with.

Check out last years Valentines for additional ideas.

Valentines treat bag suppliesWhat You’ll Need:

Clear treat bags
Red and white tissue paper
Valentine sticky notes
Valentine stickers
Hersey’s Kisses
Valentine’s Day themed ribbon

  1. Cut the tissue paper into fourths. You don’t need to do this one at a time. Just flatten the whole stack and cut down the middle and then cut the smaller pieces in half again.
  2. Cut the Valentine’s Day ribbon into as many pieces as you’ll need and long enough to make a bow

That’s the prep work! Now on to assembly:

  1. Write your Valentine’s Day message on the sticky note. Stick a valentine sticker on it.
  2. Fold a piece of tissue paper and stick the sticky note to one side.
  3. Place the tissue paper in the clear plastic bag so that you can read it.
  4. Toss in your desired number of Hersey’s Kisses.
  5. Tie a bow on the top.

Simple Valentine Treat Bags

They may be simple, and it’s great to have an assembly line going, but in mass quantity, it’s still going to take some time. I suggest a nice relaxing evening of Valentine’s Day reading post-production.

Recommended Reading

Oh my gosh, this book! I cannot make it through this book without choking up just a little. I found this at a library sale and picked it up for just 25 cents! It became the book that I read to Riley every single night. And at that time, when I was sleep-deprived and very emotional, I did cry. It’s such a sweet book. I highly recommend it for any mother out there.



This book is especially topical if reading it on the day or during the week that you are assembling your valentines. In this book, a little girl collects hearts that have rained down from the sky. At home, she decides how she wants to assemble them into valentines for those she cares about. Very sweet and reinforcing on the idea behind making valentines.