Time After Time

Story and I are alike in a lot of ways, but we are at opposite extremes when it comes to time. I have several clocks in the house, and they are all a couple of minutes fast. This ensures that I am always on time, if not early. Story looks at the clocks as decorations only. While I am hyperaware of the time, Story doesn’t acknowledge its existence.


Popsicle Stick Planter

It has been a great winter. Well, a great winter for a person who doesn’t love winter. I suppose if you loved winter, the 50 and 60 degree weather we’ve been enjoying wouldn’t be your thing. The girls and I have thoroughly enjoyed it though. This weekend we were actually able to break out all of our summer toys from the garage and use them! Bikes, bubbles, and soccer ball in the beginning of February!?! Yes, it’s glorious, but I do miss the greenery of spring and summer. So, when I saw that Aldi was selling Polka Dot plants for only $1.39, I was all in. The girls were also pretty excited, and each carefully picked out the exact coloring of the plant that they wanted for their room. (more…)

Spotlight: Single Mom What A Life!

This January, I was excited to run across a single mom blog on Facebook that touted positivity. In fact, the tag line underneath her blog name is “This is a positive place for single moms to heal, connect, and move on.” Finally a single mom blog founded in the name of positivity! Saying I was excited might be an understatement, so I reached out to the owner of this blog and learned she is every bit as lovely and positive as her blog. (more…)

Lobster Ravioli with Tomato Cream Sauce and Blueberry-Mint Champagne Bourbon

Oh, I had such high hopes for this dinner. We moved the date to a Saturday because this was going to be a very involved process. The recipe, which I found on Half Baked Harvestsaid that it was going to take about two hours total, one and a half of which was prep time. I’m very glad we didn’t try to go for it on a weeknight. This two hours total must be for those who have this cooking thing down. For me, the prep itself took about two and a half hours. But that’s okay; I can handle time delays. (more…)

To Each Her Own Bed

Each night after the children are all tucked into their beds, I pause for a moment to look at them. One is happily positioned on the top bed, the other on the bottom. They are so peaceful,  cozied up for their night’s rest. I wonder then, with all of this quiet beauty how can I feel so alone? (more…)