Hot Dog Bun Garlic Bread

I was pretty proud of myself for this one. Of course, I get pretty proud of myself any time I think up a way to save money or make the most out of the groceries I buy. Yes, there is nothing better than being able to walk down a grocery aisle proclaiming your victory over the dreaded waste of a product. Don’t worry. I only proclaim that in my head. This was definitely one of those moments. (more…)

A Working Mom’s Fairy Tale

Do you remember the days of getting out of bed at 8 am and thinking it was early? Sleeping in meant at least 9. Do you remember the slow mornings? Getting out of bed, waiting for the coffee to drip, and thinking about not much else other than whether or not you’d work out after work that day? Those days seem nothing more than a distant memory now that life has shifted from just starting out to working mom of two. If you would have told me five years ago that I would be bounding out of bed to get a shower and to have an hour of free time prior to the hour of 6 am, I would have thought that you were lost in a land of mythology and fairy tales. Perhaps that is the life of a working mom.  A world of mythology and fairy tales. (more…)

On or Off: It’s Sister Love Either Way

By Kathy Cummins

My granddaughters fight. They make each other cry. Still learning social skills at ages four and nearly two, they grab each other’s toys when they feel they have the greater right to them. They yell, shove each other, and occasionally throw punches. A few days ago, however, I observed an unexpected display of sister love between them that caused my thinking about their fighting to change so profoundly that I practically felt the neurons in my brain shift. (more…)

Simple Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

I love Valentine’s Day. I should correct, I love holidays. Valentine’s Day is just one of the many that gets my affection, which is appropriate because it’s all about love! Each year, the girls’ daycare holds a Valentine’s Day party, and all of the classmates bring each other valentines that I assume they pass out during the party. I imagine that it’s this way in elementary school as well. Of course, in elementary school, there is a little more leverage to have the child actually make them on his or her own. At least at that point they can write, which is usually an essential skill when making a valentine. (more…)