A Working Mom’s Fairy Tale

Do you remember the days of getting out of bed at 8 am and thinking it was early? Sleeping in meant at least 9. Do you remember the slow mornings? Getting out of bed, waiting for the coffee to drip, and thinking about not much else other than whether or not you’d work out after work that day? Those days seem nothing more than a distant memory now that life has shifted from just starting out to working mom of two. If you would have told me five years ago that I would be bounding out of bed to get a shower and to have an hour of free time prior to the hour of 6 am, I would have thought that you were lost in a land of mythology and fairy tales. Perhaps that is the life of a working mom.  A world of mythology and fairy tales.

MedusaThe days start with good intentions. Grab a quick shower before the kids get up. Everything is laid out the night before down to the toothpaste already applied to the toothbrush. Ready and waiting for the whirlwind to begin. Efficiency. That’s what makes the household work. Mornings are down to a science, a delicate science that when interrupted can turn a well-meaning mom into the fabled snake-haired woman of Greek mythology. A once gentle and loving woman turned venomous.

Yes, the planned working mom routine typically begins to unravel with the first baby’s cry — unfortunately timed just as the mom steps out of the shower to head downstairs and enjoy the already brewed coffee and sweet silence. One fair hair begins to turn. Luckily the television serves as a great distraction, allowing for some alone time prior to the start of a busy day. Then the second awakes, demanding food and new milk. The slippery slope of demands begins. The food isn’t right, the other needs to go to the bathroom, we’re out of the beloved vitamins. The hour goes fast.

With half a head full of snakes, Mom leads the troop upstairs to get dressed.

Get dressed, get dressed, get dressed. Why aren’t you dressed? No fair hairs are left.

TBalance, prosperityhe battle to get into the car is in full swing. Toothpaste flies, hair is put up, then taken down, then put up again to better resemble Elsa. Clothes are on, then off, then on again. Somehow lunch is packed, breakfast is in the car and two semi-clean-looking kids emerge from the house. And somehow, a mom who just seconds before resembled a terrifying Greek tale of misery now looks more like the Hindi goddess Lakshmi. Her nature effortless, accomplished. Peacefully balancing prosperity of the home and work life.

Daycare drop-off is completed and the working mom continues her day. The goddess moves on to the adult world, where she begins it with grace, ready to take on whatever comes next. After all, nothing could be as intense as what was just experienced that morning. It’s then that she remembers, sometimes the world of adults strongly resembles the world of children. The goddess begins to shift again into a form more ready and able to take on the adult world. She strides down the hallways of work taking on the tasks and chaos that sometimes accompanies them with a humor, caring, and balance of a modern day hero, Tina Fey.

At the end of the day when the dinner has been eaten, family time was enjoyed, and the kids are finally tucked into bed, the working mom reflects. She vows she’ll never turn into Medusa again. She fancies herself a goddess bringing prosperity and balance to her family. She’s happy with being a flawed but well-intentioned person, ready to take on the next day with humor and zest.

Our lives is the stuff of mythology and fairy tales. Every minute may not be in balance, but in the end, a hero emerges.

A hero emergers

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