Spotlight: Blooming on a Budget

Iblogbutton_zpsb6ee8b3cn the land of motherhood, companions are hard to come by. Making friends is much more challenging than in previous years, mostly due to the limited time you have to spend in social settings. But, we also now live in an age that allows us to be social online, which is exactly where we meet our new companion, Angela, from Blooming on a Budget. Angela is a single mom and nothing short of a rock star. Between work, raising two kids, and blogging, she is one busy lady, but even with all the bustle, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her blog highlights useful resources for single moms, including tips for financial stability, recipes, and home maintenance. She believes (and rightly so) you don’t need a man to get things done and life doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

What is your favorite part of being a single mom? 

Not having a husband!! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you just do it yourself. While other women are waiting on their husbands to mow the yard or fix something, I’ve already got it done without being frustrated that someone else should have done it. It’s a great boost of confidence to see what I’ve learned over the years, and at the end of a long day, my bed is all mine!

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What is your funniest kid story that still keeps you laughing? 

We were visiting at a relative’s house when my son was about three or four, and we were potty-training. He wanted to go to the bathroom by himself, and we made the mistake of letting him. When he returned, we saw that he had stuck pantiliners to the bottom of his feet, and he shuffled across the living room carpet like he was ice skating. It was a moment!

What is your funniest mom mistake?

One incident that sticks in my mind was one hectic morning when I realized, in the process of making lunches for school, that someone had fixed themselves a sandwich the night before and we were out of lunchmeat. I panicked and gave the kids frozen chicken nuggets and leftover takeout dipping sauce. I spent that entire day feeling like a failure but the kids thought it was the best lunch ever and wanted to know when they could have chicken nuggets in their lunch again!

What is your greatest struggle as a single mom?

Reminding myself to be flexible. You can only plan ahead so far and you never know when you’re going to need to handle a crisis. Just do the best you can and give yourself a break — no one else may.

What is your greatest mom accomplishment?

All of it! I spent too long in the beginning wondering how I was going to make it all happen on my own and worrying about my children. Once the dust settled and we found a healthy routine, I realized that we were managing just fine and the kids actually seemed happier. In all the years between then and now, our life has blossomed and is so much better than I ever dreamed it would have been as family of four.

Where do you find alone time?

In the shower, on my commute to work, and on my lunch hour. Because I share custody of my children, there are a few days of the week when they aren’t home, but that time is usually spent catching up on housework, errands, and blogging work. I also love to read and need to make more time for good books.

What advice would you have for fellow new single moms? 

Take it a day (or even an hour) at a time. Find another single parent to connect with who can show you the ropes. No one will quite understand what you’re going through unless they’ve been there themselves. Connecting with other single parents online can be very helpful as well. Surround yourself with positive people who you know you can count on for love and support. You’re going to be pretty busy for the next few years — don’t waste time or energy on negative people who don’t understand this new journey that you’re on.