Snow Spray Paint

Indoor spray paint snowSnowmen, snowball fights, and sleds are all trademarks of winter that bring a smile to most kids’ faces. When snow starts to fall, we break out our snow pants and get our gloves ready. The first snowfall of this year we wondered, wouldn’t it be fun if this snow were colored?

Outside snow paintDue to a clogged sink, I had just spent some time going through the cabinet under the sink and emptied some cleaner bottles that didn’t have enough cleaner in them to go through the sprayer. And, luckily, due to Christmas, I was a little behind on recycling, so these emptied spray bottles were still lying around. Looking at the spray bottles, we wondered, could we spray paint the snow? A little bit of food coloring and water, and it worked!

The table on the back porch provided a great blank canvas for snow spray paint artwork, and the fun easily transferred inside when the temperatures became too cold. Snow fun inside with no mess? Yes, please!

What You’ll Need:Snow Spray Paint

Empty spray bottles
Food coloring

  1. If the spray bottles were once filled with cleaner, be sure that they are thoroughly washed out. If you aren’t comfortable using old cleaner bottles, you can find spray bottles at most department stores or on Amazon.
  2. Fill the spray bottles with water.
  3. Add your desired colors of food coloring to the water. The water will need to be saturated with the color for better results on the snow. The darker, the better!
  4. Bundle up and head outside! It works best to spray close to the snow. Too cold to go outside? You can easily move this activity inside with a large mixing bowl full of snow.

Nurture the Experience
This activity is all about creativity, so let them create! The elements of art will come in time (line, shape, texture, form, etc). A genuine love of art is something you develop by exploring it. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a section of their website that allows you to view collections online. In a quiet moment after your child is done creating artwork in the snow, scroll through this website and allow them to pick out the pictures they like the most. Also, check out this video to take a look at an artist making true spray paint art.
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Recommended Reading

 Yes, this is an “adult” book, but it is really cool. The book highlights artists from all different periods, including modern photography and performance arts artists. The artists are highlighted with their work and a synopsis of the artist. Kids love pictures, hence all the pictures in children’s books. Try leaving this on the coffee table and allowing your child to flip through it on their own. They will be able to distinguish what they like and what they don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were excited to show you their favorites.

 This is another coffee table art book to try. Similar to The Art Book, this resource highlights major works of art but ties them to the influence that they had. Another great visual book for children to explore.