Cheesy Pizza Dip

This week at work, we had a pitch-in. Even as I write the word, I can’t keep my eyes from rolling. I love the idea of pitch-ins. Everyone getting together to celebrate a teammate’s accomplishment or birthday and spreading the work among the team members. It’s a beautiful concept. In theory. In actuality, they are stressful. Or, at least I find them to be stressful. The extra planning and remembering are too much for my already overpacked brain. Of course, when it’s all said and done, I’m glad that we do them and always enjoy the extra time spent talking to my coworkers in a space that isn’t about work. It’s a pitch-in conundrum. (more…)

I Want My Daughter to Be Barbie

Barbie in blackPoor Barbie has a bad rap. Forever stuck in the gender inequality wars, she is never recognized for the good things that she does. The blond hair, boobs, hips, and skinny pink dresses always seem to get all of the attention. I have to admit they used to cloud my judgment of her as well. When a friend gave us a mountain of Barbie movies, I thought I had received a subtle hint that our friendship was nearing its end, but when my girls dove into them and kept them on repeat from morning to night, I started to realize that this girl is not someone to be feared. She is a role model. Really, isn’t being taken seriously as a female no matter what you look like at the heart of feminism and gender issues? A handful of poor wardrobe choices aside, if my daughter turned out just like Barbie, I would be one proud mom. The girl has a lot going for her. (more…)

Slow Cooker Ham, German Red Cabbage, and Sweet Potato Casserole

For our December meal, I decided to try out a few items of traditional Christmas fare: ham, sweet potato casserole, and German red cabbage. And for dessert, I made chess cake. I wish it were the stuff of traditions for our little families, but we weren’t all that dazzled. It was a fine meal, just not our idea of Christmas indulgence. For a regular meal, however, it was rather good. And making ham in the slow cooker? Who knew ham could be so easy and tasty?


Glitter Snow Globes

It was New Year’s with two little ones, so naturally we were in need of some glitter. I was planning to make snow globes with the girls for Christmas, but the we got sidetracked with some other projects (Salt Clay Snowmen, Paper Plate Angels and Coffee Filter Snowflakes), and I couldn’t find any great Christmas figurines to use as the centerpiece for them. So, it became a New Year’s project, which turned out to be much better. Since New Year’s doesn’t really have any specifics like snowmen or reindeer the way Christmas does, Riley was able to pick out what she wanted in the globes, which were two figurines that only ever took up room on the floor before. With the re-use of empty pasta sauce jars and the use of the otherwise unplayed-with toys, I consider this a great activity to make use of otherwise unwanted items, making my momma heart and the Earth happy. I had ribbon lying around, so the only supplies I had to purchase for this project was the glitter. (more…)