Honey Barbecue Chicken with Homemade BBQ sauce

I’ve been craving barbecue sauce for quite some time. Typically, I keep some on hand. Barbecue cravings are few and far between for me, typically occurring in the summer. When I reached for my supply, however, I was shocked to see that it had expired in 2013. I suppose those cravings are a little farther between than I thought. (more…)

Spotlight: Blooming on a Budget

Iblogbutton_zpsb6ee8b3cn the land of motherhood, companions are hard to come by. Making friends is much more challenging than in previous years, mostly due to the limited time you have to spend in social settings. But, we also now live in an age that allows us to be social online, which is exactly where we meet our new companion, Angela, from Blooming on a Budget. Angela is a single mom and nothing short of a rock star. Between work, raising two kids, and blogging, she is one busy lady, but even with all the bustle, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her blog highlights useful resources for single moms, including tips for financial stability, recipes, and home maintenance. She believes (and rightly so) you don’t need a man to get things done and life doesn’t need to be overwhelming.


What’s New This Year

There is a story to be told that isn’t one of ours. Stories of success, love, and thriving in what others might think of as a set of unfortunate circumstances. Nurture Her Nature is a pair of single moms doing more than making it work and living our lives to the fullest. Here we share tales of our adventures in motherhood, and offer minimal advice. We share recipes that we’ve enjoyed with our families and activities that we’ve enhanced with reading and a little bit of learning thrown in. We love doing it and we’ll keep doing it.
But, there are still more stories to be told.
This year we hope to have Nurture Her Nature extend beyond ourselves and begin telling the story of single moms. Not the ones of despair and hardship you’ll find all over the internet but the real story of thriving and raising happy, strong families. We’ll feature different single moms, great stories we’ve heard and share some great finds that have been useful for us.  We’re excited to start shedding light on this topic that has been shown so negatively in the past. This section will be found under The Single Mom Life. We hope you enjoy it as well!
Oh, and we’ll also be building out our recipes showing the cost per serving and creating budget-friendly menu plans. Because everyone could use a little more cash building interest in their accounts.
– Nurture Her Nature

The Effects of a Six-Year-Old on Self-Esteem

I’ve taken a few hits in my days, and in my younger years, I cared way too much about what others thought of me. These days, I’m not so concerned about others’ thoughts. What mom has the extra worry space for something like that? As a result, I’d say I have a rather healthy self-esteem. I’m pretty awesome, really. I know this. I feel this. And then walks in my precious daughter, the love of my life, my very reason for existing.


Overnight Oats

I’m in love with a new breakfast food. For the past several years, nothing has gotten between me and my Cheerios. I’ve been faithful and true. But there comes that point in every relationship when a bit of excitement is needed. I found it in overnight oats. This little recipe fits all my requirements: healthy, easy, and tasty. But it also has a bonus of variety. Simply by adding different fruits you can get a different taste. Without further ado, meet my new love.