Easy Christmas Ornaments

The holiday season is upon us! Because Story is all about the presents, I am always searching for ways to make it more about family together time. And what’s better than making ornaments together? This craft relies on imagination and therefore suited Story quite well. We will have a green snake on our tree this year.

What You’ll NeedSimple ornaments 2


      1. Start off with a simple object, such as a candy cane.
      2. Ball up a pipe cleaner at one end to keep the beads from falling off. Shape into a candy cane.
      3. Thread the pipe cleaner through the beads, alternating red and white for the candy cane.
      4. Leave a little space at the end to ball up.
      5. Reshape into a candy cane, if needed, and tie on a ribbon if desired.

Nurture the Experience

Why stop at one ornament? Let your imagination run wild for the second, third, and tenth ornaments! This is a perfect opportunity to teach your child the skill of brainstorming. Grab a piece of paper and pen and write down all the Christmas-related objects your child can think of. Then work together to narrow down the options to those most reasonable for recreation with beads and pipe cleaners.

Recommended Reading

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree pulls at the heart strings. It is a story about a pine tree who gets passed over every year by people choosing their Christmas trees. His one wish is to be a Christmas tree, and now he is too big and tall. But his woodland friends come together to make his wish come true.

The Legend of the Christmas Tree tells the story of how the evergreen tree became a symbol of Christmas and Jesus’ birth. The illustrations enrich the story and one can easily picture reading this to the children cozy in the glow of Christmas lights.