Coffee Filter Snowflakes

We make these snowflakes each year. I made these as a kid, although we used construction paper, and the girls seem to enjoy it just as much as I did. It’s kind of exciting, even to me now, to see what each shape will look like once it is unfolded. The best part is they never turn out the same, just like real snowflakes. We usually use these as a start to our winter decorating by hanging them on the windows in the living room. It’s also a great activity to pull out when it is snowing. Since I’m a mom, I always have coffee filters on hand. Always. So there isn’t any need to stock up on art supplies. When it starts snowing, we’re ready.

Coffee filter snowflakesWhat You’ll Need:

Coffee Filters
Safety Scissors
Tape or String

  1. Fold the coffee filter in half three or four times. The smaller you fold it, the more intricate the design will be. Be sure to match up the edges when you are folding. This will help keep your shapes symmetrical.
  2. Cut shapes as you would like in the folder coffee filter. Triangles and circles are always lovely, but the designs are endless.
  3. Unfold the filter to reveal what your snowflake looks like.

We also tried making our snowflakes different colors for fun. If you hold a marker on the folded coffee filter, it will bleed through to the other side. In our experimenting, we learned that you have to keep the marker on for a couple of minutes or it won’t bleed all the way through. You should also turn the filter over to ensure it went to the other side. If it didn’t, add color on that side too. Be careful opening it. It will be pretty wet.

Nurture the Experience

All snowflakes are unique. Well, mostly. According to it is estimated that 1 in a million snowflakes are exactly alike. So, snowflakes are truly one in a million! Their uniqueness comes from the way in which they are formed. A little like kids, they start with the same basic materials but end up very unique. While humans begin with cells and genes, snowflakes are made of water vapor, dust, and ice crystals. Their uniqueness is made when they travel through the clouds and make their way down to the ground. The temperature, moisture, and the wind all play a role in the unique formation of the snowflake.

Recommended Reading:

 Visually, this book is pretty awesome. It’s amazing the extraordinary detail that they can get to fold into this pop-up book. Since it is so visually striking, it could easily be used to engage your child in learning about snowflakes or get her ready to make a snowflake craft such as this one. The words in this book are not many. The real story is told by the pictures. A word of caution: if you have really little ones, they may be tempted to pull the pop-ups apart.

This book takes a more in-depth look at the science of making a snowflake, in a way that makes it interesting to kids, of course. It includes pictures of real snowflakes, which are really pretty cool. It even includes a fun guide on how to catch snowflakes. Fun and learning. Our favorite.