Tradition Versus Routine

I’m a routine kinda gal. Ask Ali. When I don’t have a good, solid routine in place, my world seems as though it’s a battleground for the Titans and Olympians – and others’ worlds are sometimes innocent casualties. What I’m trying to say here is that I’m set in my ways and don’t care to invite change if something is already working for me.

During the first Christmas season of our friendship, Ali asked about my decorating tradition. First, I didn’t realize decorating was a tradition (having been rather take-it-or-leave-it in the past). Second, there was a spark in her eyes that caused my primordial instincts to send flares of “WHITE-HOT DANGER!” straight at my flight response. I ignored my instincts and stayed put. I proudly told her that I had begun putting up a tree every year. She smiled politely, but something dark clouded out that spark. After prodding further, she found out that my Christmas tree was fake. At this, she lost her mind. I have difficulty remembering all the awful things that came from her small figure, but I’m pretty sure accusations of ruining my daughter’s life were in there somewhere. Once she found out it was prelit and I didn’t own any Christmas lights, I thought our friendship was over. Her love of Christmas was pure and true; mine was as fake as my tree.


A Thank You to Mom Truths

In the season of thanks, I cannot think of anything that I am more thankful for than simply being a mom. As moms, we work long days — long days that are filled with the unexpected, the infuriating, and the questionable. We live by a set of mom truths. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I celebrate mom truths. Our lives would not be as full without them. (more…)

What to Do with All That Leftover Turkey

This summer, I explored the joys of turkey making. I was nervous, I was dubious, but in the end, it turned out great! There were steps along the way that were not so great: cutting the weird bits of plastic out of it, removing the sack of insides (yuck!), and just touching it in general. But, grossness aside, the process was pretty painless and it left A LOT of turkey to deal with. It was great preparation for the upcoming holiday that we are about to experience. Thanksgiving! Where turkey abounds. I’ve added a collection below of some of our favorite leftover turkey recipes. Some from our blog and some from others. Happy leftovers!

Turkey round up 2


Container Turkeys

Last year, Riley and I enjoyed making turkeys out of toilet paper rolls for Thanksgiving. She enjoyed the gluing and crazy eyescoloring in the eyes. As you can see, she was just learning to color and the well-intentioned scribbles went a little awry. We love our crazy-eyed turkey anyway and proudly display it. He, unfortunately, is the lone survivor of that craft day and needed some friends. So, this year we crafted his friends out of leftover applesauce containers. (more…)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

When Story was eight months old, I began to write to her every night. It was my way of releasing that emotional energy that had built up throughout the day. There was just such a mashup of love, frustration, fear, awe, and excitement that at times my heart felt like it would burst. So I wrote. Every day. I tried to capture her story. I tried to capture Story. Of course, there were times when I was so exhausted (aka Mom Brain) that I could hardly put a sentence together, so I just made a list of what her favorite things of the day were. But even those lists were a snapshot of her life, recorded for later days when I want to revisit those early years or perhaps when Story has her own children.