Caulking: Forget Pinterest and Save Your Walls

My house was in dire need of caulking. The existing caulk was cracking, leaving gaping holes allowing moisture in and mold to take over. It was unsightly and not doing its job. Forever a penny-pincher, I did my research on Pinterest for every hack available. It seemed like an easy job, which I was sure meant that there would be great money-saving ideas to be found. Find them, I did. I bought one tube of caulk from Walmart and one 99 cent ice tray from Goodwill. I was going to attack this project with what I was fondly calling my Fire-and-Ice approach.


When Doing Your Job Breaks Your Heart

by Elizabeth Stasny

Going to collegeLater this morning, I have to take Rebecca to move into her dorm room. The car is packed with her stuff. She has been preparing for the move all summer — buying XL twin bed sheets, bedspread, new computer, books, clothes (after all, she wore a uniform to school until now), and more. On Monday night, we had a dry run — she insisted that we pack everything into the car to make sure it would fit. After a bit of consolidating, we fit it all into the Honda Civic. It really is going to happen — Rebecca will be leaving for college. (more…)

Not-So Butter Chicken

We’ve had a pretty rough fall already. The girls have been taking turns being sick, and Ali and I can’t coordinate our schedules to do something as simple as take a trip to the pumpkin patch. This bad luck carried over to our monthly dinner date as well. I ended up making this recipe twice because the first dinner was sabotaged by sickness. But, what this tells you is that it was worth eating twice in the span of a month!

I found this recipe for butter chicken at and it looked like a winner to me. It is quite flavorful and difficult to resist seconds, but it just doesn’t taste like butter chicken — hence the “Not-So Butter Chicken” title.


Easy Vegetarian Chili

It’s that time of year again! The jackets, the scarves, the boots … but most important, the chili! We have a staple recipe in our home. It covers all tastes; it has some spice but not too much for kid palates. And of course, we add some macaroni for fun. The best part about this recipe is how quickly it all comes together!


Home Is Where Our Story Begins

This Thursday marks the second anniversary of our moving into our home. Our house-versary. Each year, I celebrate. Not a decorate-and-bake-a-cake type of celebration but definitely a little something special for dinner. Each year, though, as I look at the date on the calendar, I have a slight moment of hesitation. It seems, even to me, like a silly thing to celebrate. Acknowledgment seems appropriate, but celebration? My mind goes into debate.