Footprint Ghosts

The girls and I made these footprint ghosts last year, and I was excited to pull them out of storage for Halloween decorating day. We love decorating for holidays. Perhaps this is an understatement. But, I don’t love paying full price for decorations and typically buy the good ones that are left after they are marked 90% off post-holiday. These were fantastic because 1) they brought back fun memories with the girls and 2) they weren’t expensive! Perfect decorating fun.

Ghost footprintsWhat You’ll Need:

Canvas (I used burlap for the fall texture)
Black paint
White paint
Small paintbrush
Drop cloth, or spare newspaper to control the mess
Two flat-bottomed plastic containers, big enough for your kid’s feet
Optional: Halloween ribbon

  1. Paint the canvas completely black and allow it to dry. I did mine the night before to allow it to dry overnight. You don’t need more than one coat. I liked that you could still see a little of the brown burlap, but two coats may be necessary if you don’t.
  2. Fill one plastic container with water and line the other with enough white paint to coat your child’s foot. Place these in the middle of the drop cloth or whatever you are doing to protect your floors or space. The middle is helpful because it allows you to grab your child before she runs off and makes white ghosts all over your floor.
  3. Let your child put her foot in the white paint. This will probably be her favorite part. Hold her foot and help her find the middle of the canvas. Stamp the canvas with her foot hard enough to make the impression but light enough so she doesn’t put her foot through it. Wash her foot in the container filled with water.
  4. Add two black eyes with your paintbrush and allow to dry. If you’d like, you can add Halloween ribbon to the border.

Recommended Reading
Second to holiday decorating are the holiday children’s books! We love going to the library to see the display of holiday-themed books they put out and try to choose new ones each time. Here are some of our favorites.

Pete the Cat and the Five Little PumpkinsWe LOVE Pete the Cat, and his Halloween adventure does not disappoint. This book is much simpler than some of the others, but it is just as enthusiastic, which is what my girls love about them. Pete’s costume is quite adorable.The best part though, of course, is the song.

Pinkalicious Pink or TreatPinkalicious is a bit of a departure from Pete the Cat, but as you can imagine, the pictures are very colorful, which always helps hold my girls’ attention. The story line of the book casts Pinkalicious as the superhero (of course) who needs to save Halloween after the mayor canceled it due to a storm. It’s fun and whimsical and a nice departure from the typical superheros if your child is into them.
Goodnight GoonGoodnight Goon is a parody of Goodnight moon. The book has the same feel to it and the same rhythm, objects, and scenes; however, everything is Halloween related. If your child likes Goodnight Moon (and you might be a little tired of it), this is a great, well-done alternative.