Five Badges of BadAssery

Small BadgesLooking at me, badass isn’t a word that would immediately come to mind. Even knowing me, you still likely wouldn’t use that adjective. I’m a plain-jane mom who lives in a subdivison at the end of a cul-de-sac. I have no visible tattoos, my hair is a mousy brown, and I have very few edges; I’m pretty soft, actually. Even so, I’m a badass. And I wear my badges with pride.

Badass Badge #1: I am a single mom—and prefer it that way. Yeah, it’s tough and exhausting and sometimes it sucks to have all the responsibility on my shoulders, but that’s parenthood, isn’t it? I’m quite proud of this badge and deplore the oh-you-poor-thing-without-a-husband look. Please stop, okay? I am in love with my life and embrace single-momness like I was born for it.

Badass Badge #2: I quit my full-time secure job to start a business. Did you read the single-mom part above? Yeah, I don’t have any other household income. I made this decision so that I could spend more time with my daughter. There’s a chance I will fail and lose our storybook home and life, and maybe that sounds irresponsible to you. But to me it’s worth the risk. She’s worth the risk. I don’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet on the open road, but my entrepreneurial move is no less a badass decision.

Badass Badge #3: I raised a thuglet. My daughter has always jumped into a scrap, especially when she has the excuse of justice on her side. At age two, she pushed a little boy down and stood over him, saying “No! No!” after he had hit a friend of hers. This behavior has continued since, with little interruption from me, I have to admit. A couple of weeks ago, at age five, she jumped in when some older kids were trying to take over the playground by bullying the younger kids. “You want a piece of me?!” came out of her mouth, complete with thuglet arm gestures. Yeah, she’s badass too.

Badass Badge #4: I’m 200 pounds and don’t have body issues. I eat healthy, exercise daily, and have a strong heart. Living until my daughter is at least eighteen is my primary goal in life, and I take that very seriously. I’m not unhealthy; I’m just bigger than society’s ideal. Pictures of myself always surprise me. When I look in the mirror, that’s not at all what I see. I think maybe I see how I feel not how I look, and I feel damn good.

Badass Badge #5: I face my fears—except when it comes to spiders. (I don’t think spiders count though; they’re unnatural creatures with too many superpowers. It goes against our survival instincts to mess with extraterrestrials.) I just recently realized a childhood-through-middle-age dream of publishing a children’s book, and I still feel sick to my stomach. But the butterflies of excitement are also hanging out in my stomach, taking cues from my thuglet daughter. And even though the idea of self-promotion makes me want to faint, I am doing it.

Yeah, I’m badass. What are your badges?