Tip to Help Hang Pictures Straight

My walls are quite stark. This isn’t because I take a minimalist approach to decorating. Rather, it’s because I have little
patience with myself when it comes to measuring and measuring again to get it right the second or third or fourth time. You see, I have a one-sided war with those little triangular doohickeys on the back of frames—especially when there are two. 20150630_121335It’s hard enough getting a picture to hang straight with just one doohickey, but when another is added to the mix, suddenly I have marks and nail holes all over my wall and the picture is still hanging crookedly. This combined with my ever-so-slight touch of OCD results in few pictures on the walls.

However, I have recently come across a brilliant solution to this doohickey problem. A simple piece of ribbon or string can become your magical weapon against crooked hangings.

Back of the picture frameWhat You’ll Need:

  • A frame or art with doohickeys for hanging
  • Ribbon or string


  1. Thread the string or ribbon through all the doohickeys and cut, allowing for a little slack in the line and the ends long enough to
    be tied together.
  2. Tie the ends together.
  3. Hang frame or art using the middle of the ribbon or string instead of the doohickeys. If your hanging is small enough, you can get by with only one nail!